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Use the Law of Vibration to Increase Your Satisfaction

Of all of the Universal Laws to work with, I think the easiest and quickest “bang for your buck” is to figure out how to work with the Law of Vibration. If you can raise your vibration at any given time it will give you a sense of satisfaction in that particular moment. When we add these little moments of satisfaction up over time, our overall frequency is raised and that helps us attract the things we want.

Everything is made up of energy, even us. Energy is always moving at some frequency and when we focus our thoughts, emotions and actions with intentions with what we want, our energy shifts to a different frequency. This happens through the Law of Vibration which in a nutshell, states that each of us are towers of energy that are emitting frequencies that match our vibrational level.

Satisfaction means a lot of different things to people. There are moments of satisfaction such as when you figure out a problem that has been bothering you or finish folding the last load of laundry or even when you are enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning. But how do you live a life of overall satisfaction? It’s one of those questions that has no right or wrong answer but something each of us has to figure out ourselves. Everyone’s definition of satisfaction is different.

I don’t have an answer to how to have a satisfactory life, but I have figured out a way to stack my day with moments of satisfaction with help from the Law of Vibration. I think the more small moments of satisfaction we have throughout our day, the more we can raise our internal vibrations over time thus increasing our overall frequency. When we do that, we will be able to pull back our perspective and the way we look at our lives and be able to see the good things to be grateful for, therefore giving us an overall feeling of satisfaction.

What’s the best part? It’s figuring out ways to raise your vibrations during the day which is super fun! The simple question to ask yourself is: what would make me feel good right now? You see, the hack to raising your vibrations is through feelings. If you have never stopped to think about what would feel good, then this may take some experimentation.

Here are some of my favorite ways to quickly raise my vibrations:

  • Listen to an upbeat playlist (bonus if you have a theme song!)
  • Have a dance party with my kids
  • Take a 5 minute walk or stretch outside
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
  • 10 Deep breaths
  • Write 5-10 things I’m grateful for.

These are just my favorite that take less than ten minutes but I have many, many more and I suggest you should make a list of things that will give you a boost of high vibrations. The more we take time to find the little bits of satisfaction in our lives, the more our overall satisfaction with life will be!


Keep the Vibes High!



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