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Oceans Whispers, Family Patterns and Waves of Acceptance

I just got back from a dreamy vacation! Two weeks of traveling through the Redwood Forest and Pacific Ocean! Tasting the delicious foods and wine of California and soaking in the never-ending, always changing scenery of the in-between was heaven…. mostly.

This road trip included more people than just my core family. Portions of it included my parents as well as my sibling and his family. My family hasn’t been together in one place for over 2 years! This is not typical but the restrictions of the pandemic made it impossible for us to visit each other for quite some time.

This time together was challenging and amazing and then challenging again. Caring for young children as well as aiding aging parents can prove to be less than #vacaymode.

So why am I sharing the emotional journey of my vacation? Because even though this was not paradise all day long every day, I am still able to look back at this time and call it a “dreamy vacation.” I can do that because of my intentional work with embodiment.

Embodiment answers the questions “but, how?” It gives us the pathway to walk magic into our daily lives and intentions and imprint it into our senses. Embodiment helps us land the conceptual and teaches us how to envelope the loving aid of the universe into our lives. It is the absorption of interaction with the magical external.

These are times when a butterfly lands on the table next to you and you know in that second you are locked in a sacred space. Or, when you keep seeing the same number over and over on clocks and watches or even when you just can’t stop thinking about a loved one so you make a phone call just to hear them exclaim “I was just thinking about you!” as they answer the phone.

The Universe is in communication with us all the time offering guidance and wisdom. Instead of just noticing these times of synchronicity, we have the opportunity to embody those points of connection.

Think of it this way, instead of just knowing that a butterfly landed on your arm during breakfast this morning and how “cool” that was, imagine walking the energies of that experience all the way down the chakra line and allowing the concepts to take up space in your body. Not only the energetic meridians, but in the cells, blood, bone and tissue of your body. Let the imprint of that sacred moment and the vibration it created to modify your own energy.

Embodiment allows us to engage in the world with our whole selves not just our mind and thoughts. The results? Powerful responses and actions that move us boldly through our life revealing perspectives that illuminate buried truths and offer gentle nudges that shift us out of lifelong patterns that no longer serve us.

Each day, on vacation, when I would walk down to the ocean, I found myself awestruck by what I saw. Endless waves, remnants of life pushed onto the shore by the waves, entire eco-systems driven by the movement and energy of the ocean. It was just so vast and yet so constant. I still struggle to comprehend its magnitude.

I would hear the whispers of its essence while I watched the tides come and go, “My mysteries are great, but there is space for all of it.” But instead of receiving this gift of clarity I simply responded with “that can’t be right, surely we can reveal these mysteries and unlock the answers to all of life’s deep questions!” And so, I would listen “harder” thinking maybe the message would change. After several days, the message remained (surprise, surprise). So instead of making the ocean fit my understanding, I welcomed this truth into my life.

The mysteries are great, and there is space for all of it.

Once I allowed this truth in, I finally understood why this message had come to me in this way at this time.

We come into this life having made agreements with other souls and they present in varied relationships, father, mother, sibling, lover, friend, child, pet, boss… even the server in a restaurant. Obviously, some of those relationships take up more of our time and energy than others. We are triggered by them all in some way at some point, maybe even to the point of exhaustion.

The practice of embodiment allows us to engage in the magical messages gifted to us by the world around so that can we navigate all of these relationships with a certain ease and clarity.

I definitely found myself struggling with my family at various points on our trip. This happened especially when I saw the repeat patterns of my childhood still going strong in the dynamics of my family.

My brother always has to win,
My mother, passive aggressive,
My father, silent, again,
Me, the fixer or negotiator.

In the past, I would have engaged in hours of mental processing trying to figure out why these patterns still arise when we are all together. I would waste precious time and energy trying to think of ways to help us all “get better.” However, this time was different. Instead of trying to fix them or slip into my own patterns of response I opened myself to the wisdom of the ocean. Welcoming, trusting its whispered words, “My mysteries are great, and there is space for all of it.” And, like wave upon wave, I felt the ocean minister this truth to me.

There is space for my Brother,
There is space for my Mother,
There is space for my father,
There is space for me,

There is space for all of it.

Embodiment does not make a problem go away. It gives us the pathway to receive, process and release. It answers the question “but, how?” How will I respond, how will I process, how will I release?

As I embodied the wisdom of the ocean and took its truth as my own, I was able to make space for the reality that I am the only person I can control. As I drank in its salty wisdom and absorbed its message into my bones, I locked into my foundation that I am the only person I can change. And as I allowed its crashing waves to pass through my aura, I received the comfort that there are some things in life I will never fully understand but I can make space for the unknown.

This month has been a lot… the past couple years have been a lot! But really, how could it not be with humanity moving into a new age of consciousness and awareness. Growth and transformation are such a beautiful process, but it is hard. It is strip you down to your weary, bare bones and rebuild one golden thread of light at a time – hard.

But we do not rebuild alone. We are constantly guided, reminded, loved and supported by the same universe that asked us to, “wake up!”

As we awaken, it is not enough to just look for the signs or recognize the guides on our path. We must absorb their wisdom, advice and essence into our own vibrations, to add the lens of their perspective to our being.

As we collect the essences that offer themselves, we start to fill in the gaps. We start to claim the space that at one point in time we did not feel worthy to occupy.

The more we say yes to this process the more powerful and impactful our actions become because we are living in a way that includes every luscious, vibrant, succulent unapologetic part of us. And that, dear one, is what it is all about, to live a full and present life no matter the path you have claimed for this lifetime.


With Love and Gratitude,



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