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Why You Absolutely Need to Know the Backlash When Raw Power Feels Trapped

What happens when raw power meets overwhelming mental stimulus and doesn’t let up for two full seasons? You’re about to find out as Mars enters Gemini on August 20th and camps out for 7 months, when he typically visits a sign for 6 weeks.

The reason for such a long stay?

Mars enters Gemini on August 20th as he travels from 0° to 25°, then he stations retrograde on October 30th until Jan 12, 2023 as he traverses back through 25 – 8° Gemini.  It then takes him until March 25th, 2023 to move from 8 – 30° when he enters the next sign of Cancer.  Phew, that’s a mouthful.

The mind already boggles.

Think of the havoc he’ll cause to everyone’s mental well-being when he marches relentlessly through everything ‘THE MIND’.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Mars
  2. Gemini
  3. Mars in Gemini when he’s moving forward (direct)
  4. Mars in Gemini when he’s ‘moving backward’ (retrograde)

1. Who is Mars?

When Mars is in forward motion, he’s the spark for life force. The Sun is actually the life-force, but Mars is the initiator of it. Mars asks you how do you most need to develop courage and right assertiveness? When do you choose between the role of hunter and role of prey?

Energies to access through Mars: He’s the jet pack to drive you through to the other side of everything – problem-solving, fitness routines, adventurous pursuits, leadership events and sales outreach. He’s a victor and a natural leader. He’s creativity in motion, passion acted upon and honesty without remorse. Key words:  divine spark, initiator, warrior, awakening, raw power, hunter, gatherer, adventurer, pure fire, creation, vital, motion, energy, force, momentum, brute strength, honesty, direct, decisive.

Energies to avoid with Mars: He’s petty, mean and driven to the point of obsession. He destroys as much as he creates and doesn’t apologize for anything or anyone in his way.  Key words: God of war, ancient name of The Knife, cutting, aggressive, competitive, impatient, greedy, violent, manipulative, deceptive, spiteful, evil.

2. Who is Gemini?

Gemini is the openness, duality and the polarity of life. Gemini is conversation, imagination and wonder. This sign is immediacy, youth and liveliness. Gemini makes quick connections and then forgets they’ve been made.

Energies to access through Gemini:  the mind, conditions of life, learning, teaching, speaking, observing, communicating, negotiating, changing, going with the flow, airy and light, quick-witted, social, extraverted, salesmanship, talkative, connector, charming.

Energies to avoid with Gemini: distracting, busyness for busyness sake, flighty, unable to commit, ungrounded, glib, disingenuous, incessantly chattering, vapid, gossipy, confusing, tattler, scandal spreader.

3. Mars Direct in Gemini

From August 20th – October 30th and January 13th – March 25th, 2023, Mars in Gemini stirs your mind with creative ideas, resolutions to sticky problems and connections with others. He puts so much energy into your mind, you think you’re invincible. Your mental prowess borders genius and your ability to influence, debate and negotiate is at an all-time high.

Mars in Gemini stimulates your normal mental routines, bringing them to a crescendo.  If you typically think positively, energetically engage with others and passionately embrace mental pursuits – you’ll have much more of this action into the end of October. If you typically engage in gossip, exaggeration and negative mind talk, mars in Gemini exponentially ramps up these activities to the maximum.

Overall, ideas become beliefs, persuasion becomes coercion and passion becomes obsession.

4. Mars Retrograde in Gemini  

When Mars stations retrograde, he appears to be going backward, pulling all of his energy behind him, leaving you stifled, bereft and lethargic. This feeling lasts for 10 weeks through November, December and into mid-January.

At the end of October, your head’s swimming with ideas, opinions and beliefs, so take your time to review, integrate and experiment. It’s an excellent time for study, research and deep insights. This isn’t the time for clarity. You won’t suddenly get an epiphany of brilliance for how things completely come together. Mars retrograde urges faith – particularly blind faith. So, you won’t know the outcome of your efforts over the 10-week period, but do it anyway.

Mars in retrograde also drops into your talents, taps into your intuition and deepens your passion for the mysteries. While pulling back, Mars wants you to take a break from pursuing, achieving and pushing. He wants you to walk along your pathway and develop your choices without judgment.

Bottom line: Use this time prudently as the alternative is to enter January asking yourself, “Where am I and what have I done?”

General Remedies

For everyone, regardless of your star chart, here are 3 things you can do with Mars in Gemini (direct and retrograde):

MIND – Edit and Edit again.

Every communication is fraught with too much – import, information and expectation. Relax and breathe while you plan what you’re going to say. Plan it out. Write it down, think about the effects of your message, then edit how and what you’re going to say.

Plan, then edit and edit again.

BODY – Get physical.

Move the energy from your mind and into your body. Work off the frustration, impatience and misunderstandings in the gym. Mars loves physicality – dance, walk, run, love.

Get moving.

SPIRIT – Be creative.

Put those creative ideas into the world. Take your time, roll up your sleeves and create a roadmap to construct your inspirations through action.

Doodle. Scribble. Design. Construct.

History of Mars Retrograde in Gemini:

Over the years, Mars has spent more than his allotted time transiting Gemini, specifically in 2008, 1990, 1975, 1958, 1943, 1929. Personally, do you see any patterns to these time periods?

They’ve typically coincided with extraordinary events; the 2009 financial crisis, the first Gulf War, earthquakes and tidal waves killing 660,000, China famine killing 30M, WWII and stock market crash that kicked off the Great Depression. Yet, these same time periods bring the first black US president, reunification of Germany, freeing of Nelson Mandala, end of the Vietnam War, start of Apple, first space shuttle, creation of NASA and completion of the Pentagon.

Mars spurs new ideas and innovations while causing tremendous pressure to both the Earth and her inhabitants.

This Mars retrograde period coincides with Mars moving beyond declination, or out of bounds, with the Sun from October 22nd through May 5, 2023, making him even more of himself. This turbo blast of martial energy creates extraordinary courage, physical strength, extremely violent tendencies and aggression.

The world is in for a huge and elongated jolt. Phrases to describe the next handful of months include inner courage, tests of character, physical stamina, technological snafus, charismatic influences, heated debates, powers of persuasion, deceptions, vitality, power grabs, solutions-oriented start-ups, escalating tensions, inventions, viral energies, traction on basic rights and escalation of weather events.

Other planetary influences:

Mercury Retrograde

Now, from a September perspective, Mercury stations retrograde on September 9th until October 2nd, so he’s adding to the challenge. The cacophony reaches a seemingly never-ending crescendo, so employing your well-worn tools for softening your thoughts helps tremendously. Move from distraction, confusion and linear thinking to imagination, observation and intuitive discovery.

Jupiter in Pisces & Aries

The fiery planet of Jupiter returns to Aries, after a brief respite in Pisces. Think water from October 28 – December 20 and then the return to heat and fire from December 20th to May 16th, 2023.

Neptune in Pisces Square Mars in Gemini

On November 19th, Mars & Neptune confront each other to bring you to your lowest energy point while wrangling with your highest fears. Best advice: No decisions. No progress. It’s time to lay low.

Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius

On November 28th, Mars and Saturn support each other giving you relief from the angst to soothe your emotions, boost your energy and provide clarity and focus. Enjoy.

Venus in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini

On December 1, Venus tugs on Mars urging you to get passionate, explore your desires and otherwise frolic and play. Think all things social, romantic and splurging. Get out your wallet if you dare!

Sun in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini

On December 8th, as with every Mars retrograde, the Sun pulls on Mars to motivate, stir and provide drive and stamina to all of your endeavors. The two fiery planets spur competition and aggression.

What it Means for You

We’re hosting a free LIVE event to talk all things Mars Retrograde in Gemini on August 31st at 1:00 pm ET in our Free Power Up group. Either way, you’ll want your star chart. Join us here. (You can always catch the replay if you can’t make it live).

Star chart:

Steps to create your star chart:

  • Go to astro.com
  • Select free chart, calculations and data
  • Click on chart drawing, ascendant
  • Agree to privacy terms
  • Enter birth data – your date, time and place
  • Click continue and you’ll see your natal or birth chart
  • Go to upper right-hand side of the screen and select with transits
  • Run your chart with transits and you’ll see green planet symbols on the outside of your circle chart (these are the transiting planets)

Steps to Find Mars Rx:

  1. Look for the orange sign of Gemini ♊ in the bezel of the circle itself
  2. Find the green symbol for Mars ♂on the outside of the circle
  3. Look for the house number on the inside of the circle

Refer to the image below as an example for finding your house number. Print or screen shot your chart for easy reference.

If you still can’t find your house or want to double check, put your screen shot as a comment in the Power Up group post asking you for your house number. We’ll respond to your inquiry during the week of August 31st.

Mars Transiting the Houses

Mars in Gemini will be in one or more of your houses from August 20th, 2022 to March 25th, 2023. Refer to the information below to determine what it means for you.

House Meaning

When Mars in Gemini is here

(direct 8/20 – 10/30; retrograde 10/30 – 1/12/2023; direct again 1/12 – 3/25/2023)

1. House of Self-Image & Outlook

-> how you see yourself

This is the house of personal identity, self-image, physical appearance, body & awareness. It covers the way you operate, how others see you, and your general outlook on life.  

When Mars is direct here, you have the courage to take action and the skills to be victorious.  You want to begin, awaken and assert. Big ideas gain inspiration and collection of others rallying around these ideas. This is heady stuff.  Beware of being overly influential as this could be considered reckless when Mars moves into Cancer next year.

Direct Strategies: Align with your natural leadership style. Step up to the challenges of life. Lead your life with commitment and flair. Let the fiery energy give you courage to step into your purposeful pathway.

When Mars is retrograde here, the ideas swirl without fruition or connection. Pent up insights become challenging to navigate without momentum. Repression becomes stronger, making you feel wounded and trapped. Bursting at the seams without any relief. Cowardice is enticing as is victimhood and being swept up in petty disputes.

Retrograde Tips: Review whether your image fits you now. If so, bravely gather your tools and skills to awaken yourself and others onto your path. If not, dive into sound leadership training. Develop a healthy fitness routine for mind, body and spirit.

2. House of Money & Resources

-> how you gather things

This is the house of money & values, value systems, resources, connections, skills, competences, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. This is the way you fill your material world with physical possessions.

When Mars is direct here, your attachment to possessions grows, you find new ways to fill your material world. The energy for achievement heightens. There’s the ability to take resources and succeed from a possessive perspective. Fears about losing what you’ve gained. That can also mean to the point of aggression and obsession.

Direct Strategies: Claim your birthright of abundance. Embrace your financial passion confidently and make strides to receive the value you’re worth. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

When Mars is retrograde here, your sources for money seem to dry up, your connections wither and your confidence takes a hit. Your mind runs amuck with all of those times money connections didn’t materialize, making you review all of those times you lost out on those opportunities not taken.

Retrograde Tips: Calm your mind by affirming your wins, your strengths and your talents. Remember hidden treasures through gratitude exercises. Discover the wherewithal to accept healthy risk.  Breathe into earthly energies. Do money rituals and exercises to get your thoughts out of your mind and into your heart.

3. House of Learning & Communication

-> how you condition your immediate world

This is the house of information, communication, concrete ideas, teaching, writing, and the practical mind. It’s also one of siblings, early environment, neighbors, and short trips.

When Mars is direct here, you border on brilliance. Your voice gains energy and you feel you must speak to be heard. Your messages must be out in the world, there’s no denying this happening. The push is tremendous. Bravery accompanies the push from Mars as does so many ideas and opportunities.

Direct Strategies: Use the momentum to develop your speaking skills and create your support structure for all things communication. Write, speak, present, teach. Say YES to outreach opportunities that feel aligned, especially if you’ve been planting the seeds for the last few months.

When Mars is retrograde here, hiding, being silenced or otherwise foregoing your right to speak up for yourself.  Beware of forceful communication and over-stirring of challenging ideas as influencers take advantage of their following with smarmy sales. They’re getting rocked as the constrictive energies feel foreign after the jetpack over the prior two months. For you, know this is part of the gathering and deepening cycle. Revel in it.

Retrograde Tips: Gather your ideas into cohesive categories and look for patterns and themes. Study. Read. Learn. Carve out time to dive into your writing. Don’t succumb to argument or sarcasm to hide your fears. Breathe and be true to your inner voice.

4. House of Home & Family

-> the basis of your world

This is the house of home, family, roots, bonded relationships, nurturing, instinctive behavior, family, and domestic life. It also represents security, connection to our past, and your ancestors.

When Mars is direct here, your desire for home, family and roots is heightened. Pursuing ancestral information, connection and healing is available. You discover your core values and relate them to those in your immediate circle. You may begin a home-based business, turn your hobbies into profits or make connections with others through self-care regimens. Too many opportunities present themselves, keeping you occupied and busy.

Direct Strategies: Dive into your inner resources to deepen your trust in your soul’s journey. Ask which opportunities support your soul growth, so as not to pursue profit for profit sake. This is short-lived and will ultimately ask the price of your soul. Develop your acumen for everything home central that’s nurturing and supportive. Discover new ways for nutritious cooking and organic gardening.  Create healthy self-love routines.

When Mars is retrograde here, repressed ill-will among family members threatens to heat above boiling. Anger, resentments and blame are the fodder for family dinner. Take care during the holidays. Much may be said that’s later regretted. Resentments simmer beneath the surface to remain unspoken and unresolved. Familial conflicts without end.

Retrograde Tips: Edit and edit again, especially during family dinners. Employ all of your tools to make it through the holiday season unscathed. Work on creating security and a sense of belonging by healing the past. Ancestral and soul DNA healing is a must to resolve the inner hurts and come out the other side.

5. House of Creativity, Pleasure & Romance

-> your creative world

This is the house of creativity, fun, pleasure and entertainment. It’s the one of self-expression, falling in love, affairs of the heart and romance. It also represents children.

When Mars is direct here, you feel competitive, wild and justified in your wildness. Every pleasure desires to be pursued without end. Your mind is on board with hedonistic tendencies. If you’ve been repressed, let loose and have fun. If you’ve been carefree, use your energy to create, begin and express your gratitude for savoring life’s pleasures.

Direct Strategies: Get authentic and real. Find ways to express joy. Discover your faith. Fall in love with life.  Boldly claim your creative expression.

When Mars is retrograde here, he can be wildly pleasurable to the point of infidel. He pressures risk taking and gambling. He tips your vulnerability to self-indulgence. Your mind falls prey to being hunted by aggressive rationale for woe-is-me. Karmic hurts remain unhealed. The wounding keeps coming.

Retrograde Tips: Use your natural athleticism to quiet your overactive mind. Get physical and sexy in healthy relationships. Dive deeply into your past history to figure your patterns for falling in love. Take a creative writing, art or theater class.

6. House of Service & Health

-> your functioning world

This is the house of duty, routines and responsibilities. It also covers health and service to others. It’s the house of mentors.

When Mars is direct here, you get energy for vigorous work, so roll up our sleeves and dive right in. Work seems to burst to unparalleled levels. Opportunities for connections abound. Competitive pressures awaken your desire to come out on top in your career. Healthy routines are within reach. Fitness is top of mind.

Direct Strategies: Avoid busyness for busyness sake. Develop a strategy for advancement. Seek trustworthy mentors and advisors, who have your best interests at heart. Ask for support and receive it. Reach for opportunities that promote your natural talents.

When Mars is retrograde here, self-critical thoughts, tedium of detail and servant-based work activities are plentiful as is mastery of your craft, development of your skills and improving healthy habits. Defensive postures on your well-deserved territory. Protecting others who are downtrodden and unable to serve themselves. Strategic pursuits are available and well-received.

Retrograde Tips: Be brave enough to stick to your pursuit of meaningful work. Serve in ways that support your purpose or calling. Dive deeply into what comprises your calling and the steps necessary to bring it about. Get real about fulfilling your potential for healthy work and work/life balance. Seek counseling and support to improve your health in mind, body and spirit.

7. House of Partnership & Marriage

-> your relational world

This is the house of intimate relationships, partnerships, and contracts. Soul mate energy.

When Mars is direct here, he pushes how you relate to your world and others who have a long-term place in it. Thoughts, communication and patterns arise creating instability and competitiveness. Selfish tendencies become full blown habits. Conflicts, difficulties and complicated scenarios require attention.

Direct Strategies: Formulate plans, develop tools and apply both to the relationships that are worthy of your time and attention. Work through issues honestly and with devoted commitment.

When Mars is retrograde here, he fuels fear of being ridiculed and being suppressed by others. Unhealthy relationships reveal themselves requiring decision of moving forward or severing ties. Codependence or unhealthy self-reliance is no longer tenable. Karmic patterns seem unending for this 10-week period. Guilt, shame and blame ignite the need for action. Complacency is not an option.

Retrograde Tips: Seek counseling or learn new ways of being in committed partnership. Interdependence is the goal. Define what it means for you and your long-term relationships. Reciprocity and appreciation bring harmony. You have the right to both.

8. House of Intimacy & Death

-> your bonded or shared world

Intimacy, sexuality, sex, transformation and crisis, letting go, death & endings, rebirth, healing or regeneration, occult, inheritance, shared resources, attachments, psychology, or partner’s resources, other’s money, what you need from others.

When Mars is direct here, power ignites and electrifies. The tenor of crisis normalizes. Solutions present for transformation and healing. Every day presents itself as its last. The mysteries compel. Deep soul bonding and intimacy are top of mind as is passion and sex. Wealth abounds and hypnotizes. Inheritances come from surprising places.

Direct Strategies: Be present and available for self-examination without drama, emotional outbursts or unhealthy triggers. Stay in the flow of your soul destiny to ignore the intoxicating obsessions that lead you astray. Get sexy and romantic. Be passionate.

When Mars is retrograde here, immense pressure to determine how life and death inform the soul as wound healing and intense power is available to you right now. Into-me-you-see is the term for intimacy. Unhealthy obsession with everything magic, spiritual bypassing and misrepresentation of true healing methods either spring from you or you attract these types to you. Wealth creation is suppressed in all meaningful ways. Raw honesty, deep truth and integrity is the mainstay. Connect on deeper levels in intimate relationship.

Retrograde Tips: Be true to your heart your intimate loved ones and your soul pathway. Do no harm is your mantra for magic. Think of your legacy for any and all decisions, especially those about wealth creation.

9. House of Exploration & Cultural Pursuits

-> your meaningful world

Personal world view or belief system, higher education, exploration, long journeys, spirituality, search for truth and meaning, philosophy, ideas, travel, teachers, cultural exchange, connection with the divine, exotic, wanderlust.

When Mars is direct here, travel, action and adventure are the themes. Socializing, staying busy and exploring every single thing that presents. Shocking the system with events, invites and activities. Learning about different philosophies, cultures and norms bring meaning to your life. Bravery inspires strategy, pattern weaving and brilliance.

Direct Strategies: Review your intentions for 2022 and then take a step back and look at your calendar. Does your schedule support your intentions or detract from them?  Align your activities with your overall goals and then enjoy!

When Mars is retrograde here, dogma, judgment and preaching ways arise, even within your own mind. Challenges to your belief system. Culture wars and religious rigor break patterns.  The hunter and the prey change positions throughout the 10 weeks. Up is down and down is up. The gyroscope of life is topsy-turvy.

Retrograde Tips: Set yourself free from societal expectations and cultural norms to determine what’s right for you, regardless of what others think or expect, especially ‘the past you’. Fresh perspective is the outcome after the retrograde period. Are you brave enough to follow its course, wherever it takes you?

10. House of Life Mission & Standing

-> your public world

Career and profession, vocation, reputation, position in society, ambition, public image, responsibility, authority, attainment, vocation and recognition.

When Mars is direct here, brave thoughts and actions to claim your rightful position in the world, without apology or compromise. Independent pursuit of success regardless of what others think. Challenge, conflict and protecting one’s turf, especially ideas, solutions and creations. Risk taking has its rewards.

Direct Strategies: Become a warrior for status, leadership and authority. Claim your inner power to ignite others to follow you, especially those needing your skills. Become recognized for your gifts. Get public about who you are and the ideals for which you stand.

When Mars is retrograde here, ambition, greed and lust for power become traps. Fame for fame’s sake is short-lived and shallow. Stress threatens to topple leaders from their perch, especially those unworthy of the stature. Unfairness, injustice and insecurity for basic human rights intensify to reach an apex at the end of the year.

Retrograde Tips: Integrity, core values and being worthy of your position seem fragile, yet don’t believe these falsehoods. Stay true to you. Defend those around you. Be the leader you know you were born to be.

11. House of Future & The Collective

-> your inclusive world

The future, plans, aspirations, goals, hopes, wishes, groups, friends, associations, organizations, leaving a legacy, community ties, humanity and humanitarianism.

When Mars is direct here, finding your people comes front and center as does your future. Inclusion and, advocacy in service of that inclusion, ignite. Grass roots, organic organizing and defending the climate become themes.

Direct Strategies: Set your goals and aspirations and bravely pursue them. Find like-minded people and either join their community or form one together. Review the outcomes of your decisions to determine whether they support the future. Realign your goals if they don’t. Strengthen your intentions if they do.

When Mars is retrograde here, stressful and karmic tensions among the collective bring endless exhaustion. Pointless acquaintances and empty promises shatter the soul. Overextension and fruitless connections suppress energy and force choice.

Retrograde Tips: Prioritize your efforts. Get real about the outcomes and make your decisions without input from others. Be discerning and strategic about how and where you put your resources.

12. House of Soul Growth & Undoing

-> your inner world

Behind the scenes, privacy, inner Self, secrets, karma, dreams, soul growth, hidden strengths and weaknesses, private affairs, spiritual life, the past, spiritual insights, channeling.

When Mars is direct here, spiritual courage to the point of living every day as the spiritual archetype of Priestess (wisdom itself) or Empress (the embodiment of creation). Stimulus to make active spiritual choice on a daily basis. Mind games to the point of self-sabotaging activities without constant vigilance. Breaking free from any and all soul karmic patterns.

Direct Strategies: Intuit versus think. Imagine versus reason. Observe versus react. Develop connection to the unseen and unknown. Pursue blind faith that the universe has your back – unwaveringly. Put one foot in front of the other – without review or regret. Be vigilant and constant about your big dream. Believe in YOU without logic or reason. Bottom line: TRUST. Simply Trust.

When Mars is retrograde here, anger, repression and thoughts about being trapped in the never-ending loop of the endless grind of life. Repeated existential crises about the meaninglessness of it all. Self-sabotaging pressures. Thoughts of letting go and giving up come up daily, especially about your particular soul karma/destiny equation.

Retrograde Tips: Employ all stress-relieving methods every single day. Become unflappable to triggers. Seek brave solutions rather than succumb to accidents or misfortune. Get healing, especially around soul karma. Highlight your soul destiny and write it so you see it every single day. Employ the Goddess who speaks to you for bravery to represent your inner spiritual warrior.

In a Nutshell

I’ve given you the bottom line as part of my 2022 annual forecast at the top of the year. Excerpts include:

Mars retrograde: October 30 – January 12, 2023 @ Gemini 25- 8°

Mars retrograde in Gemini may bring disruptions to mental pursuits and add to health issues, specifically for the lungs. This is music to the corona virus and all of its variants. This is also a time for accidents, so care is called for during this period.

Mars out of bounds: October 22 – May 5, 2023

We can act with bravery and courage, using our vitality to power us into our next project or adventure. Or we can act rashly, be too selfish or react defensively. This out of bounds coincides with his retrograde, making things completely out of control. Harsh words, violent tempers and aggressive messages become the norm once again. The virus, rebellions and weather events are at an all-time high during this period.

Mars forward-motion in Gemini: August 20th – October 30th and January 13 – March 25th, 2023

Gemini is everything mind, words and interests. This sign can’t get enough material to read, debate and broadcast. The cacophony that quieted down in January ramps up again with the sheer power of Mars. Curiosity, excitement, new ideas and insights thrive and boredom, impatience and scattered focus reign. Mars pushes your mind in Gemini, making it a wonderful time to take a class, learn a new skill or digest lots of information. It’s also a great time for a meeting of the minds, where coming together in understanding is possible.

When Mars enters a sign, he usually stays for 6 weeks, yet will spend 7 months here between August 2022 and March 2023.

For those use to this energy, it’ll feel familiar. For others, take care as your mind may be exhausted after such a long time in this sign.

As always, wishing you joy,