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3 Ways to Make Money, Be More Visible and Align with Your Soul Purpose in 2024

  • Industry titans like Amazon and visionary entrepreneurs are leveraging astrology to thrive in their ventures. According to prestigious sources like NY Times, Fast Company and Fortune, astrology has woven its way into corporate culture.  It captures the attention of Millennials and Gen Z – 65% of whom are ardent followers.

Most people who follow astrology know about the ability to use the stars to forecast the timing of events for industry trends, economic cycles and seasonal rhythms. This is the first layer of astrology. There are actually other ways to use astrology, that most people aren’t familiar with.  They are the most impactful for your life, business, and align with your soul purpose.  As JP Morgan states, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”

When you know all of the ways to use astrology for business, otherwise known as stars + strategy, you can gain more ease, support and resources.


Star navigation through forecasting is an excellent tool for avoiding pitfalls highlighted by the stars and taking powerful advantage of the prosperous stars. You can use star navigation to:

  • Set strategy – overall themes, intentions, powers and seasons
  • Planning – timing for launches, promotions, streamlining, creating, vacationing
  • Gain resources – use cycles for time and energy management

Using star navigation, you can make more money by knowing the BEST times to promote and you can save time and money by avoiding the worst times.


Star power: Using the stars helps you turn any blocks that are holding you back from your success into building blocks to create your success.

When you open to the star energies, you can rely on their flow and commit to your growth. Your ability to remove the blocks to your success is boosted by the planetary movements. Using the Sun and the Moon positions help you release blocks and manifest your desires. Using personal planets, such as Mercury and Venus, help you attract your followers and communicate with your audience. Mars helps you take action in a variety of ways and Jupiter is your good luck charm.

Discovering how to use the stars to remove blocks is the key to becoming more visible to shine your brilliance.   


Star alignment, or how you’re living your stars, measures how your free will deviates or supports you on your soul journey.  Knowing where you are on your star path helps you determine your best next steps.

Measuring how you’re leveraging the stars is realized through my success-making Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself ® methodology to help you achieve your life purpose, step into your power and increase your prosperity.

Here’s what your mind does; it gauges how you know yourself.  Your heart indicates how you like yourself and your will demonstrates how you trust yourself. It identifies what you think, how you make decisions and why you align with your soul mission.

  • When you know yourself, you stop second-guessing your decisions and start following your intuition.

Your heart demonstrates how you like yourself, what your particular wisdom is and ways to say YES to accept support and say yes to opportunities.  

  • When you like yourself, you stop seeking outside validation and start reclaiming your power.

Your will indicates how you trust yourself and whether you accept individual, collective and universal gifts.

  • When you trust yourself, you stop experiencing lack through inconsistent success and start living your birthright of being rich and powerful, making big impact and leaving your legacy.
Bottom line, you can use star alignment to:
  • Align your mind – know how you’re living your stars and handling your resources
  • Remove blocks – like how star energy integrates with your soul’s energy for clearing your pathway
  • Manifest desires – trust your star imprint to boost your ability to create the life you want

I have a free 12-question quiz that assess how you know, like and trust yourself. You can join the other 21,000 people who’ve taken the quiz so that you can too can see how to know, like and trust yourself by clicking here.

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Cheers to your success, happiness & aligning with your soul purpose in the New Year,