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Highway Driving with Ed Sheeran—finding love in unexpected places

Music is a portal to experiencing love. The right song can transport your being to another place and before you know it you realize you are dancing, laughing, even crying. I bet most people have a song associated with a memory that is filled with love. Traditionally, many even begin their marriages with a “first dance” and spend copious amounts of time picking just the right song that captures the moment perfectly.

Before we get to highway driving with Ed Sheeran, a little background. I have a lot of Piscean energy illuminated in my chart right now so I have been really enjoying music—which is unusual for me. A lot of times I find myself driving in silence. One of my good friends even pokes fun at me for it. I listen to music with my body so I often don’t know artists, lyrics or even genres. I find that music can be really overwhelming, so the situation has to be perfect for me to want to open myself up to music. As we get to know ourselves better, even something as simple as understanding how we listen to music, we can understand our purpose more intimately to live to our full potential.

It is my daughter who has recently taught me that there is more than one way to listen to music. She listens with just her head. She always wants to know the title and words—it used to drive me crazy. I’d say, “It doesn’t matter just listen. Bring it into your heart and belly to listen.” She’d get so frustrated. I’ve since stopped trying to get her to experience music in the way I do. It wasn’t until I obliged her mind with all the information it needed that she started to enjoy music. And truth be told, when I allowed my mind into the experience, I too started to enjoy music more—it is less intense.

This small switch has been one of the most loving things I have done for us. Seeing us as individuals and honoring our differences even in the small way of listening to music empowers us and, as a bonus, music has become fun and playful. It allows us a shared experience that fills both of our cups and shows her I love her exactly the way she is. We roll the windows down and crank it so that when each song starts, I have to turn my head and yell the title to her. Many times, when we get home, she’ll ask me to write the song titles down for her. It makes me smile knowing that her little mind is spinning thinking about what she’s experienced. Someday, she’ll ask me about what her heart and belly have to do with listening to music and I’ll {low-key} jump for joy, and we’ll play with music in a different way together. But until then I’ll give her all the information she needs to love music her way.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I found myself in a glorious moment alone in the car with windows down on the highway, but I was sobbing driving down the road—I’d been triggered by the music playing. Because my daughter has taught me how to listen to music in a new way, I’d let my mind hear the words and then I brought them into my body and I’d started a healing reaction. A little shook that Ed Sheeran could have such impact, I haven’t been able to let the song, What do I Know? go yet; although, it hasn’t made me cry again just smile.

In some ways the song is spot on about love and how it can literally change the world in a moment but in other ways it misses the mark. It says, “You know we are made up of love and hate but both of them are balanced on a razor blade.” I disagree. We are ONLY made up of love, and we can always find out way back to it. Hate doesn’t live in balance with love. We are always, even unknowingly, trying to fill ourselves with love—it doesn’t need to be balanced with hate and its certainly not an either-or situation. But this doesn’t stop me from loving the song right now—I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll be sick of it and ready for a new one.

I invite you to look for love in new places, like how you listen to music with your family or respond to triggers. No matter what you may feel, you are worthy of experiencing all the love in the universe. Experiencing love will help guide you on your path to understanding your purpose as it illuminates your soul.


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Releasing Negative Influences with the Lion’s Gate to Deepen Self-love

I don’t know about you but New Moon + Lion’s Gate has asked a lot of me in a really magical loving way. If you haven’t read Robyn’s blog on the Lion’s Gate Portal from last week, I highly recommend you do—you can find it here. The energy is open for several more days for you to take advantage of its magic. To sum up her really great explanation, this is a time of great connection with our higher selves and our intuition; the perfect time to release what isn’t serving the greatest version of ourselves.

With the amplification of the New Moon + Lion’s Gate we can release all sorts of “negative” influences: limiting ideas, relationships, past life experiences, self-destructive patterns—the list is as endless and possibilities unique as there are souls on the planet.

It’s easier to stay comfortable in the safety of the known, even if it is having a negative impact on our lives and well-being. Sometimes it can take years of internal work to come to the realization that we need to let go, and sometimes it’s quick and painless. The energies right now will help you release things no longer serving you more quickly and gracefully. As with any change, releasing can be scary and uncomfortable. What I’ve also come to know is there can be a grieving period, too. We can be in this space for only moments or much longer depending on how we are growing and what we are letting go of. As a society, we don’t often allow space for grief other than when a soul returns to heaven. It can be hard to recognize and give ourselves permission to experience. Grief allows us to find the way back to love in an authentic and thoughtful way. As you transition into new ways of loving yourself, be gentle as if you were caring for another.

Experiencing grief and the releasing of what we once loved or thought we loved stirs our emotional centers in unexpected ways as it makes room for expansion and deepening of our love for ourselves. Because that’s what “releasing” is—it’s coming to the realization that we love ourselves more than we thought possible. We actively acknowledge the ways in which we aren’t honoring ourselves with unconditional love when we release negative influences. This can be overwhelming as we discover who we truly are at the core of our being. When we see and love ourselves fully, we then are asked to say, “Yes” to embracing who we are through the lens of the divine.

Saying “Yes” to claim who we are as the highest version of ourselves takes massive amounts of courage and self-love. As we see with 1:1 clients and in The Be Powerful and Prosper Society, sometimes it takes a hot minute to fully accept and integrate a “yes”—and that is more than okay. Allow yourself the grace within the process of releasing, grieving and claiming.

I encourage you to take some time for ritual to explore loving yourself more wholly through releasing what is no longer serving you in these energies of the Lion’s Gate. It doesn’t have to be fancy—you won’t be disappointed.



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3 Ways of Loving Yourself this Summer

Summer is my favorite time of year. As the Sun comes out and the temperature rises it makes it seem so much easier to love and take care of myself. Things that make me feel good happen naturally—more time outside, fresh fruits and veggies are plentiful. The list goes on and on…

However, summer is the fiery season of growing, reaching and stretching. The days are long and so is the work we put in before the fruits of our labor can be picked. We must balance this work with deep loving of the self so we don’t burn ourselves out before we’ve reached the harvest.

I’d love to share three tips on how to love yourself in the heat of summer with you.

  1. Let’s start with the practical for the physical body—Minerals. Summer brings fun activities that can include things like movement, sugar, and alcohol, all things that dehydrate the body. We always remember to drink more water in summer but are you adding salt? Sea salt is packed with minerals. Our bodies need a delicate balance of magnesium, potassium and sodium to stay hydrated and function optimally. You can drink all the water in the world on a hot July day, but if you don’t have the minerals to utilize the water you can still not be hydrated properly.

My absolute favorite way to spice up my summer water and get my minerals at the same time is to add watermelon flavored LMNT. It’s a party in my mouth and I always feel so much better when I have a packet a day. LMNT is a newer company that doesn’t have any harmful additives in their hydration packets, total win. Loving yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. It can simply be adding Celtic sea salt to your meal or LMNT packet to your water!

  1. Now let’s talk about how you’re nourishing yourself on a deeper soulful level—Nature. In my part of the world, just North of Boston, MA, this is the season of being outside of reconnecting with the Earth after a long winter and cold spring. Mother Earth is a part of all of us, and she has an incredible ability to recalibrate our being. As electrical beings we are constantly inundated with signals from our technology that can interfere with our own bodily signals. When we are in this unbalanced state the whispers of our soul are harder to hear. Unplugging from daily life and tuning into nature is a wonderful cure for our over-stimulated and ungrounded bodies to bring us back to love.

With summer weather there is no excuse not to be outside and take a pause. Take your socks and shoes off and connect your feet and body with the earth. Find a tree to lean against and breathe in the wonderment of being human and surrounded by nature’s magic. Pay attention to her strength in both the quiet whispers and the voluminous roars and do so without an agenda. Leave your phone at home and open your heart to her essence. Allow her to lovingly weave your body and soul together again as one. Love is all that is real and everything else is a misconception. Nature reminds us of this through her intricate webs that always support her wellbeing.

  1. Once you’ve taken care of your physical and spiritual body how are you growing your love for yourself this summer? What intentions have you set for yourself in this season that will open and grow your heart’s connections? Summer naturally creates more space for us to grow and stretch to make more room for us to love ourselves, if we have first taken care of ourselves.

For me, I want amazing soul mate friends who fit perfectly in my world and I in theirs. I set the intention and created a beautiful altar with love crystals and idols that resonated with my intention. Within two weeks I had four new phone numbers of potential friends. Now, for the rest of the summer I’ll be dancing with these beautiful women to see if we can nurture a relationship. How can you spend the rest of your summer fostering and tending to your loving intentions of this season? Think about areas of your life where you need more love and support. How can you actively choose to illuminate love in this area? Love is a choice and we can always come back to it.

I hope the rest of your summer is filled with sunshine, nature and lots of love. 😉



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How Are You Writing Love Letters These Days?

This is an excerpt from an article circa 2015 and read on to see how it applies to True KLT love…


Greg & I are running around like lunatics getting ready for a family visit the other week and we’re getting on each other’s nerves. 


It’s true.  It happens. 

“We don’t need to do all of this stuff before my parents get here,” Greg says, “They’re getting up there in years and they probably can’t see the dust anyway.”

“I know, but I need it done – for you, for me, for us.” I respond. “The greenhouse was your love letter to me and this visit is my love letter to you.” 

Greg sits down, “What?”

I take a breath and say, “When you spent the weekend putting together the greenhouse and I almost passed out at the beginning when I saw all of the parts and 50-page instruction guide, I realized putting up the greenhouse was your way of writing a love letter to me. 

I LOVE my love letter. 

When I get you your favorite chocolate, or bake brownies, or make plans to go out on the boat, these are my love letters to you,” I continue, “But, I want to write you a bigger love letter and this whole visit with your parents is a way I can do that right now. I love you and want to show you, so this is my love letter to you.”

Well, that stops him in his tracks, yet it isn’t meant to be a stumper.  

It’s true. 

Once I say this, I begin to see all of the love letters we write to each other every day.

As we drive in circles taking our children to and from school and other activities. 

As we answer the hundreds of questions throughout the day. 

As we sit down at bedtime to answer yet another question, when we really want to turn our brains off and watch television. 

As we take our children and their friends to the movies (Disney again!). 

As we stay up all night with a sick child. 

As we call our aging parents to talk about what is going on with their lives. 

As we make a favorite meal. 

As we fold laundry, dry dishes, and make beds. 

As we check in with people we haven’t seen in a long time. 

As we make dinner and drop it off for a sick friend. 

As we like a picture on Facebook and write a nice comment. 

As we hold the door open for someone struggling with bags or packages. 

As we smile to a stranger. 

Life holds thousands of opportunities for us to write love letters to each other every day and we can think of these things as chores or we can think of them as love letters.  

I choose love letters. 

So, let’s do that. 

Let’s write love letters to each other.  

Happy writing. 😘


Who would have imagined I would write a post 6 years ago that totally applies to our LOVE EXPLORATION month? 

I LOVE the universe!

As always, wishing you joy,