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October 2021: Relationships

Stay focused on your path.   


What was written at the top of the year holds true.

The best mantra for this month is, ‘No one owes anyone anything – ever.’ When we understand our relationships to be open and responsive, not limiting or controlling, we realize the true meaning of interdependence. Otherwise, we fall prey to power struggles, compulsive behaviors and competitive challenges. It’s so much better to embrace new ways of relating and loving ourselves and each other. When we do, we have the opportunity to integrate new ways for calm, value and harmony. Yes, this means peace and prosperity.  

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle: #25 Brilliance

Observe how you’re shining your brilliance in the world and how you’re holding yourself back. You want to ensure you’re stepping forward to live your life to the fullest.

Crystal: Moonstone

This is a stone that channels the Moon. It attunes to the ebb and flow of the Moon and helps with stability as it balances you during the cycles of life. Use moonstone to enhances your intuition. It’s particularly helpful with Mercury retrograde.

Flower essence: Chicory

Release your need to be over-concerned for other’s lives, especially if you’re experiencing FOMO. This is an excellent indication you’re ignoring your own needs and desires. Put your focus back on yourself by paying attention to YOU – your thoughts and feelings. Chicory helps you do this as it helps you get moving on putting your life together by releasing attachments and expectations that aren’t your own. It also supports you to be loving and caring without being cloying or jealous.  

Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip:

  • Make adjustments to deal with anything that’s bugging you.

Diving deeper:

  • Yes, you’re tired and probably frustrated with all of the uncertainty and aggravations this year. BUT, stay focused. Better times are coming.
  • Look at the people, circumstances or situations rubbing you the wrong way. Everything that’s bugging you isn’t supportive of your future. Make the changes now before they grow bigger and more aggravating.
  • Take ownership to fulfill your hopes and dreams.
  • Release your need to get involved in things that aren’t yours.
  • Go with the flow and let go of control.

Big Star Events

  • Mercury retrograde 9/27 – 10/18
  • Pluto in Capricorn direct 10/6
  • Saturn in Aquarius direct 10/11
  • Jupiter in Aquarius direct 10/18
  • Venus in Sagittarius out of bounds 10/9 – 12/7

Week 1: Get to work

Dates – 10/4 – 10/10

Your thoughts and feelings are confusing and frustrating. You’re ready for things to align, but you’re being pushed and pulled by negative impressions, power struggles and the overwhelming need to know how things are going to be in the next week, month or year.

You’re sick and tired of being uncertain, have decision fatigue and the chaotic nature of what’s going on in the world is pushing you to your limits. Use the energies of the week to propel you forward. With relationships, go with the flow. Otherwise, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

New Moon: Choose what’s important

Details: 10/6 Sun & Moon @ 13° Libra at 7:05 am ET

Choose what you want in your life and more importantly, what you don’t want. Enjoy fresh perspectives, evaluate your life by thinking about different outcomes based on decisions you didn’t make. Ask yourself how you can let go of judgment and increase understanding for the unexpected and unknown.  

Week 2: Make adjustments for more fun & success

Dates – 10/11 – 10/17

The good news you’ve been waiting for arrives just in time and you want to celebrate, so make fun plans for the upcoming weekend. In the meantime, focus on the tasks at hand as the energies support everything business this week. After buckling down, you feel energized and want to go out and blow off steam.

The weekend begins with celebration and continues with relaxing energies. There are power plays and crisis that may arise at the end of the weekend, but resist the temptation to personally engage. Instead go with the flow and look for the silver linings.  

Week 3: Prioritize influence

Dates – 10/18 – 10/24 Power plays continue as people are struggling to gain ground that may not be theirs. Take the high road and step into your influence. What potential do you see that’s not being realized? How do you want to make strides in your life against your own desires and wishes and not other’s? What value do you bring and how are other’s appreciating it?

As the Sun enters Scorpio at the end of the week, deep intense feelings arise and power gets center stage. Let these energies drive you to make changes that bring you success through opportunities and influence. Create wealth in your life in a variety of ways.

Full Moon: Stay in your own lane

Details: 10/20 Full Moon @ 10:57 am ET

Personally –

All of the ways you show up or don’t show up for yourself…

All of the ways you’ve given up your goals and dreams for others…

All of the ways you yearn and desire to be in your life versus what you’re currently experiencing…

Worldly –

Chaos and power grabs abound. Nothing seems real and yet everything is intense.

What can you count on?

Things are so uncertain right now.


This is all coming up for you during this Full Moon.

Keep your eyes focused on the future. Look at the long-term and frankly, ignore what isn’t yours and concentrate on changing what is. Use the power to push through on your own path to achieve success. It may not feel satisfying right now, but since you’ve already defined what satisfies you, use your prior clarity to step into your own definition of success.

Week 4: Have fun by going with the flow 

Dates – 10/25 – 10/31

You’re better off letting work take a back seat this week as the stars frustrate forward momentum and reward romance with loved ones and fun with family and friends. Take full advantage of riding the wave of your past efforts and step into a relaxed rhythm. Use your magnetic charm to connect with others for long-term commitment versus short-term gains.

Ignore anything coming up that confuses your relationships at the end of the week. This is fast-moving. Let it pass.

Bottom Line:

How you use your power in relationships is what October is all about. Let go of trying to control everything and lean into influence. Take responsibility for what’s yours and release the rest.  

Remember to use your supportive tools throughout the month.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.  

As always, wishing you joy,  


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