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Power of Intuition Story Series: Part 3

how the power of intuition changes your life for the better

My intuition stays silent. 

Nick’s trajectory continues. 

I’m trying to figure out how to know, like and trust myself – all while running a business strategy firm, dealing with life and family and trying to get Nick the help he needs. 

It’s circa 2005. 

My mind is running the show as my intuition only comes out when I’m pursuing spiritual learning – at workshops or in large groups – and my heart is rattling around my ankles desperately seeking answers. 

We’ve been going through years of Early Intervention, therapists, doctors, urologist’s and other healthcare practitioner’s, when it happens. 


I remember this moment with crystal clarity as I’m listening to a gastroenterologist describe the invasive and inconclusive process to help Nick with his digestive issues. 

My mind vehemently rejects what’s being presented to me and my intuition says, “Oh finally. Here you are Kim. You’ve tapped into your inner knowing. Good job. I’ll come back to you now.” 

As the doctor drones on about checking for allergies to rule that out before conducting another series of tests, I tune her out and my intuition kicks in with the knowing that this is not the right process at all. 

The expert is front of me doesn’t have the answers – I do. 

I have the answers. 

Suddenly, I remember an acupuncturist I’ve met as his visage comes shimmering by while the doctor is talking. 

Now, you know intuition is fleeting at first.

This isn’t a crash, but a whisper. 

One I grab onto with both hands. 

In that moment, I know without a doubt that going to this acupuncturist will resolve Nick’s issues.

Oh, this feels familiar. 

This feels so right. 

Hello intuition. 

For the first time in too long, I follow my intuition and the acupuncturist sees Nick, tells me he has a blockage in his digestive system and removes it in one session. It’s not food allergies, but a blockage. 

Nick’s digestive issues go away overnight.  

With this win, I suddenly came back into focus. 

I remember who I am at the core. 

I’m a strategist and wildly intuitive. 

I need to own my intuitive knowing and to trust myself enough to heed my own internal compass. 

Then, I do it. 

Actually, I embrace my intuition and the course of Nick’s life changes dramatically. 

Of course, I rely on my knowing to defy the doctor’s predictions. I create the strategies to fulfill my own definition of success for my son and I trust myself enough to follow these strategies for over 8 years until we see lasting results. 

For many of you, you know this is the moment that changes everything. 

You know the outcome. 

Today, Nick is a junior in college with a great sense of humor and an excellent athlete who has lots of friends.  

I don’t think Nick would be who he is if I hadn’t trusted my intuitive knowing. 

I believe this so wholeheartedly, I’ve based our work on it. 

I’ve combined my intuitive gifts, incorporating astrology with my life experience and business savvy, to bring incredible results to our clients. 

Our clients frequently come to us because they’re ignoring their internal nudges, struggling with imposter syndrome, or because they’re frustrated as they’ve been trying to follow someone else’s path towards fulfillment. 

This speaks to me so loudly as I’ve experienced it for myself. 

When you use the power of your intuition, it changes everything. 

When you tap into your intuition, you know yourself better to: 

     Have excellent decision-making capability 

     Recognize your strengths, skills and talents

     Realize your true life purpose

When you follow your intuition, you like yourself enough to: 

     Increase your passion and energy

     Open to your highest potential

     Stand in your power for better relationships

     When you rely on your intuition, you trust your better to: 

     Graciously accept support and opportunity

     Continuously increase your prosperity

     Connecting beautifully with your soul mate friends and clients

Here’s a bonus feature for you as I talk about the power of intuition and how useful it is during these uncertain times. 

I also give 3 tips on tapping into your intuition that I haven’t mentioned yet.  

Check out the feature: https://www.forbes.com/sites/meggentaylor/2021/09/02/3-practical-ways-entrepreneurs-can-utilize-intuition-to-lead-in-times-of-uncertainty/?sh=23980de85fd3

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xXx, Kim

P.S. Your intuitive power is waiting…are you saying YES?    

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Power of Intuition Story Series: Part 2

how you hide from your intuition so it screams loudly at you   

My intuition is barely a whisper as I’ve shoved it to the back burner to pursue my successful corporate career. The only remaining bit is seeing my astrologer every other year or so and that’s not my intuition, that’s a connection to prophecy I hold onto tightly. 

There’s no other breath, however. I don’t quiet my mind, go out in nature, do yoga or drop into my heart. I barely have time for a work out and that’s always a moving, driving, strengthening activity that reflects my all-consuming work life. 

But, my intuition has other ideas.

My intuition comes calling with a complete derailment of my life as I know it. 

Of course, it has – I haven’t given my intuition any other choice. 

When my son, Nick, is born I have the first inkling that I must have traveled too far from my intuitive side.  

My intuition comes crashing forth with an explosive BANG!

Here we go. 

My intuition is going to start screaming so loudly, I won’t be able to miss it. 

But, guess what? 

My intuition disappears – totally and exactly when I need it. 

My intuition screams by remaining ABSENT. 

Gone. Kaput. Not one single connection, nudge or whisper. 

Oh, how I deserve this. 

You see, I have 

– relied on my intuition. 

I used it

– when hiring or firing. 

– when saying yes to this date and no to that one. 

– every single day with my clients, when I’ve downloaded their business models or have come up with solutions apparently out of thin air. 

I definitely followed my intuition when I fall in love with my husband as that’s a story right out of an intuitive knowing text book. 

But, what have I done? I have 

– ignored the magic of my intuition.

– taken it for granted.  

– discounted its usefulness. 

– hidden it away in a closet, so now it stays there. 




For those of you who have been following us for a while, you know about my son Nick. How he comes crashing into our lives upending everything I think about who I am and how I’m going to be a mother. The moment he’s born, I find out how little I know, like and trust myself and it sends me in a tailspin that takes me more than a decade to recover.  

In those first few weeks, months and years, Nick is failing. He fails to thrive, he fails to eat and sleep, he fails to develop. Doctors and therapists predict Nick won’t be able to walk up the stairs naturally, throw or catch a ball or have a normal social life. When he’s an infant and toddler, his physical issues are the most prevalent. As he grows, be becomes more anxious, has sensory disorder and increasing emotional disconnection. He’s on the trajectory of autism.

All during this time, my intuition takes a back seat, begging me to connect, but not presenting me with a way to do so. 

What happens? 

For the first time in my life, I second-guess myself, relying instead on doctor’s predictions, book recommendations and other mother’s advice. I follow everyone else’s suggestions, ignoring myself. I barely maintain any semblance of normalcy in those first few years and remember always feeling uncertain and inadequate, wishing my mother’s intuition would kick into gear. 

But, my intuition is teaching me a lesson. 

My intuition is asking me to go inward, to stop seeking answers from others and following this one’s ideas or that one’s methods. 

How my intuition holds sway over me by being silent and burrowing further inside of me.  

Now I have to go searching for it when it’s been so easily accessible all of my life. How

– I wish I hadn’t shoved my intuition into a closet. 

– I regret every time I’ve taken my intuition for granted.  

– desperately I need my intuition to jump right back into my lap. 

It’s not going to happen. 

Ultimately, my intuition is asking me to know, like and trust myself and not anyone else, no matter their stature, credentialing or expertise. 

No matter the importance of the subject at hand. 

No matter the critical nature of my son’s development and his quality of life. 

My intuition is going to remain silent until I know, like and trust myself. 

How can I do that when my intuition is staying as silent as a tomb? 

Nick is failing and failing at a faster rate. It’s now such an issue, he can’t keep food down and the doctors are threatening invasive procedures. I have 

– to figure this out and fast!

– to find some way for my intuition to come back to me, so I can figure out what to do. 

– need answers.

– want solutions. 



The intuition is a powerful being and doesn’t like to be discounted. 

It seems there’s no way out of my predicament. 

What about you? 

Has your intuition ever gone silent, so you have to go searching for it? 

Tell me about a time your intuition has disappeared and what you did to get it back. 

Seriously, I want to hear all about it as we can all learn from each other. 

xo, Kim

P.S. Psst…you know where this is going. It’s going to a really cool feature (the best one yet), but it’s also going to a prize as your intuition wants you to engage.  




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Power of Intuition Story Series: Part 1

did you have a window open for your intuition while growing up?   

“What’s your earliest memory of using your intuition?” 

“When did you know you’re intuitive?”

“Did everyone know how intuitive you were as a child?” 

Now that I’m doing interviews, writing articles and appearing on TV (yes TV), I get asked these types of questions all the time. 

I wish I had an easy answer, like a huge epiphany or tales of knowing everything and guiding people based on my intuition from early days. 

But, alas, I do not. 

My upbringing doesn’t reinforce a direct connection to my intuition. In fact, like most of you, I remember feeling the criticism for an overactive imagination, being rebuked for having an imaginary friend and being chastised for thinking I could ask God directly for anything I desired. 

My religious background is Catholic, so relieving the guilt associated with expecting anything to be easy has been a process!

Going to church every Sunday, studying catechism and saying prayers nightly doesn’t exactly let your intuition take a front seat. 

Yet, I’m super lucky as unlike most of my friends, my strict Catholic mother believes in astrology, so the doorway to the divine opens a crack and lets magic flow into my life at an early age.  

I can close my eyes and recall times throughout my childhood where astrology and reincarnation are palpable. My memory at about 7-years-old, where I’m coloring on a sun-filled porch with the daughter of my mother’s astrologer and she can’t pronounce my name, so calls me “Tim” instead of Kim. I can also remember the conversation between my mother and father in the car on the way home with all of the things, Ken, the astrologer has told my parents. 

In my mind’s eye, I can see aged and well-thumbed books titled, Sun Signs by Linda Goodman and her more famous work, Love Signs and Jeane Dixon’s Yesterday, Today and Forever. A big hardcover coffee table book appears, The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Julia and Derek Parker and I love to rifle through these pages as I’m doing my weekly dusting chore. 

I still have a few of these books on my book shelves, where my astrological chart is hand-drawn, stuck in the pages with scribblings of my early attempts at interpretation. 

I can also recall one of my mother’s best friends, Annie Carr, who is another believer and the two of them would gleefully sit, drinking tea and smoking cigarettes, excitedly talking about the spiritual side of life. 

Throughout childhood, I love these mystical books and conversations that flow around me. I daydream and imagine stories and adventures like most children, but mine always have a prophetic vibe. Most of my imaginings come into being, not in my own life, but in the world around me. 

I don’t remember anyone else who’s a believer in those early days, but I remain raptured until my late teens. In high school, one of my favorite sayings is, “It must be a sign,” as I’m always searching for the deeper meaning behind the benign and practical. I look starry eyed at the Moon, ponder the meaning of life and explore the unknown, without knowing these are intuitive pursuits. 

I play at reading astrology and of course, there’s a terrifying story about using a Ouija board to conjure the spiritual world that even today leaves chills throughout my entire body. 

Yet with the achieving mindset of the times, I reach adulthood and leave most of these treasures behind. I go to college and learn about other religions and cultures, which feeds this mystical side, but leave it almost entirely as I pursue my corporate career.

Business replaces religious philosophy; my next promotion supplants the spiritual aspect of life and my latest job title becomes the symbol of my worth. The only inkling that remains of the mysteries is astrology as that’s so ingrained, I can’t forget it. 

I see my astrologer once every 18 months or so and have recommended her to my mother as her astrologer has moved to Hawaii and she’s been looking for a replacement. 

In fact, at the height of my career, my astrologer tells me, “You would make an incredible astrologer. You should look into that as people would flock to you.” 

I look at her askance as I haven’t really entertained this possibility seriously. Yet, I secretly hold this close to me especially during exceedingly trying times of traveling to 4 states a week for my job while getting my MBA at night. 

My life is a blur of the next client, next promotion, next city. I thrive on this type of energy and throw myself into learning everything I can about business, sales and leadership. 

Astrology doesn’t disappear, instead it holds itself in the background. I like to think it’s the candle burning in the window anchoring my intuitive potential until I can get to it. 

With all of the demands in my daily life, I don’t do anything actively about opening into my intuitive being and astrology remains a ‘I’ll get to it someday” wish. 

It becomes a whisper of a dream… 

I can’t imagine who I would be today if the whisper faded to nothing, yet at this point in my life, it’s an all too real possibility. 

Let us know if you’ve ever felt the withering away of your intuitive gifts. 

     We would love to have a conversation. 

     xo, Kim

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s tale – how you hide from your intuition so it screams loudly at you.


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