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It’s Time to Create Worlds During the Full Flower Moon


Details: Full Flower Moon with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius at 2° on May 23th @ 9:55 am ET

The truth is in the paradox. The Full Flower Moon is a time of opposition and with the Sun in Gemini, it opens your mind to possibilities and with the Moon in Sagittarius, it welcomes actual experiences through exploration and discovery.

In other words, dream it – do it.

Listen to the Podcast episode for vibrational resonance and sacred ritual.

Invest in Your Wisdom

Both the Sun and Moon energies in this Full Flower Moon are growth-oriented, expansive and filled with opportunity. Depending on your own energies, you’ll want to either pursue these opportunities to the fullest or stop, take a step back and check in with yourself. The possibility to go deep is just as available as the option to expand.

This is the time to get aligned with your soul and your mind may or may not accept this truth.

It’s time to create the world you want to live in, not in the future, but right now. Getting your mind to accept the very best outcome isn’t something it is designed to be able to do. Your mind always protects you and prepares you for the worst, but what if your mind can be programmed to allow your highest potential? The truth is your mind can accomplish this when it’s combined with your intuition. This is where genius lives.

Are You in Alignment?

In order to access your soul’s wisdom, you must be aligned with your soul, create space to listen to it and follow its guidance. It’s important to know when you’re out of alignment with your soul.

When you’re out of alignment, you feel and do the following.

You feel:

  1. Unclear and stressed
  2. Out of sorts and unsettled
  3. Empty and dissatisfied
  4. Inexplicably tired or fatigued
  5. Easily overwhelmed
  6. Out of control

You do:

  1. Live with clutter and disorganization
  2. Overspend or exaggerate your standing
  3. Take care of others, instead of yourself
  4. Find ways to escape or take up numbing activities
  5. Miss appointments or show up late or unprepared
  6. Either play the victim or try to be the hero

Soul Alignment Signs

What does it mean to be in alignment with your soul? Being in alignment with your soul means being totally and utterly YOU, without any artifice, excuse or apology.  You’re the exact same when you’re alone at midnight or at noon with a roomful of people. Your mind, body and spirit are in sync and you take of each equally and willingly.

You think, feel and act in accordance with your full potential to live your soul mission. You’re in the flow of the universal energy with the earthly and celestial realms. When you’re in alignment, your soul leads and blends with your mind to convey your heart’s wisdom.

Getting into Alignment with Your Soul

Your soul is patient and kind and waits on the sidelines until you’re ready to connect. It’s so patient, in fact, your mind takes over and pushes your soul aside. Your mind is impatient and wants constant care and feeding, so quieting your mind is an absolute necessity. Not all mind-quieting activities are passive. You can lose yourself in creative actions, journaling, walking or fitness routines. The key is to engage your mind in something mundane, so your soul comes forward. Ever wonder why you get so many good ideas or have epiphanies in the shower? Your mind is involved in the mundane, so your soul sneaks in and gets your attention.

Quick Checklist to Get Aligned with Your Soul during Full Flower Moon

  • Occupy your mind with something mundane or repetitive
  • Meditate
  • Notice the signs and symbols
  • Listen to instrumental music
  • Stay present
  • Connect to your heart
  • Laugh
  • Fall in love
  • Go out in nature
  • Get creative
  • Breathe: Take 1-3-10 breaths
  • Dance or move your body
  • Do yoga or go to a spa
  • Seek a change of scenery

More Specific Tips for Soul Alignment

Wise Strategist

Connect your mind to your intuition by enacting your instinct. Ask yourself yes or no questions and listen to your body for how a yes feels versus a no. You have great instincts, use them. Start with minor questions and then increase their importance. You’ll gain confidence as you allow your natural wisdom to take part in your decision-making. If you’d rather, use a pendulum for guidance.

Intuitive Visionary

Your intuitive knowing is unparalleled, but your mind is WAY too overactive. You must quiet your mind. You can do it actively, but it must be done. Choose one or two options on the checklist and alternate them. Routines don’t work for you, so let variety into your practice. Journaling, reading spiritual books and using intuitive oracle cards are your best magical tools.

Collaborative Explorer

Your heart is always engaged, but it’s focused externally to take care of others. When you allow your heart to turn inward, it’s scary and uncomfortable. Taking time in solitude by talking walks, appreciating the seasons or the elements eases your vulnerable heart. The dance between you and others can be replaced by the dance of the vibrational resonance of the universe.

Ruling Warrior

It’s a great time for you as you love this fast-moving energy. If you create your world at this pace, you’ll exhaust yourself. Including time to relax by going to the spa, spending time on your fitness routines and laughing with friends and family are the perfect remedies for a 360° created world.

Creative Superstar

Diving deeply into your creations is so natural for you when you give yourself time in solitude or with sensory activities. Using all of your senses, including your 6th one, opens your connection to your soul. Your empathic ways relish the earthly sensations of taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. Use your senses by lighting candles, savoring delicious foods and looking at beautiful objects. Aligning your body’s awareness opens your heart and soul. Enjoy and do this Full Moon ritual at least 3 times during this Full Flower Moon phase.

Loving Alchemist

Paying attention to your dreams and the cycles of the Moon draw your energy into your power, naturally and magically. Matching your power is important for you to feel safe enough to explore the depths of your soul. Only allow the deepest and most experienced energetic healers into your energy. Using the earthly realms and celestial guidance helps steer your best steps for alignment.

Listen to the Podcast for the ritual to imbue sacred knowledge, embody sacred love and create sacred sanctuary.

Bottom Line

It’s time to create worlds and your mind isn’t your best tool. Combining your intuition with your mind is where your genius lies. Use your genius to creates worlds.

Thank you for reading & sharing with family and friends.

As always, wishing you joy,


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