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December 2023: Embrace the Cosmic Cadence: December’s Astrological Blueprint for Slow and Steady Triumphs

Monthly Summary from the Annual Forecast

December: Slow and Steady 

Sun signs – Sagittarius & Capricorn

Stay on task and focus on your long-term goals. Supportive people and opportunistic situations are presented to you. Say YES when it’s in your lane. Say a distinctive NO when it’s not. This is important. This season calls for authenticity and integrity. That means being true to you, when you’re alone and when you’re out in the world. Doing the right thing, even when no one’s looking, creates wealth and success for you. Finding your stride isn’t easy at the end of the month.


Big Star Events: 
  • December 6th – Neptune takes off your rose-colored glasses
  • December 13th – Mercury plays tricks with your style and schedule
  • December 20th – Mars urges you to take big risks
  • December 21st – Reach for the peak of your potential on the Solstice
December Star Reading

You move into the last month of the year with feelings about the year as a whole. You can take stock of what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve left behind. Review your business dealings, your love life and your finances to determine where you stand against the goals you set at the beginning of the year.

Focus on pillars, milestones and intentions that include your personal accomplishments and the softer qualities you’ve gathered and any heaviness you’ve released. This is a holistic review.

Remember to be kind to yourself. This year has been razor sharp and even harsh to your dreams, standards and beliefs. The universe has done this to get you completely aligned with your soul mission. Fulfilling your soul destiny isn’t just about how you track against your goals and targets for your business. It’s also about love, life and joy. Include those tender moments and precious memories. Think in terms of a scrap book, not a strategic plan.

Once you’ve completed your review, put it all away and get serious about spending time with the people who matter to you. Look at your calendar and set time aside for silliness, surprise and delight. Be spontaneous and say YES to those who you adore, who you’ve been craving and who you love to celebrate.

Establishing your priorities at the outset sets you up for either an enjoyable, fun-filled and relaxing holiday season or a busy time-starved, disappointing one.

New Moon Sagittarius

Details: December 12 @ 6:32 pm ET at Sagittarius 20°

On the 12th, it’s just in time for a favorable New Moon in Sagittarius. You have an opening for excellent relationships, love and good fortune. The Moon is filled with opportunities, good news and support. It’s also the time to embrace the qualities of Sagittarius for adventures, philosophical simplicity and cultural exploration.

Mercury Retrograde

Details: December 13 – January 1, 2024 from Capricorn 8° – Sagittarius 22°

In short, there’s a different method to achieve your long-term goals by appreciating your achievements, taking stock of your credentials and fortifying your value and worth.

This is the only Mercury retrograde in 2023 that crosses signs from Capricorn into Sagittarius. As each zodiac sign rectifies the one before it, retrogrades flip this formula, letting Sagittarius relieve Capricorn, instead of the typical way. Sagittarius brings hope and optimism to the stoic “We’ve always done it this way” Capricorn. Sagittarius says YES when Capricorn can’t find a way to affirm. This is a great time to review your current strategy and find ways to adjust it, keeping the new way of leadership in mind. Let the masculine provide the strength at the core and the feminine to dance on the edges. Mercury heralds the new way during this retrograde period. Using it to your advantage clears your path. 

Note: Capricorns take heed from November 25th to January 20th. Sagittarius take note too. Also, other cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer and Libra, ask yourselves deep questions about the way you’ve always lead in your life and how you can adjust to a new way. For Taurus and Virgo Sun signs, once you’ve gotten the true sense of your leadership style, shine your light to help others.

Mars Out of Bounds

Details: December 20th, 2023 – January 23rd, 2024

You can act with bravery and courage, using your vitality to power you into your next project or adventure. Or you can act rashly, be too selfish or react defensively. The virus, rebellions and weather events are at an all-time high during this period.

With Mars in Sagittarius until January 4th, risks and adventures know no bounds. You will say yes to literally everything. The bill becomes due, so to speak, when Mars enters Capricorn on January 5th, questioning your position and status in the community.  Have you gone too far and risked too much? Maintaining composure while Mars is out of bounds in Sagittarius makes it so much easier when he transits into Capricorn.

Celebrate the Solstice

Details: Sun enters Capricorn December 21 @ 10:27 pm ET

Creativity anyone? The edges of the year bookend the most powerful and the highest potential energies. This solstice represents your highest potential. What are you choosing to do and how are you spending your time? Take note. What you energize, grows and what you ignore, dies. The powerful energy of the Solstice is great for diving deeply into your love, money and success. What’s your position in life? Your purpose? Your potential? Get creative in your desires. You’re a magnet to create the life you want to live. Attract the support and say YES to opportunities.

During the holidays, you vacillate between taking it easy and relaxing into the holiday season and rolling up your sleeves and finishing those pesky tasks that remain undone. There’s no reason you can’t do both. Create a tempo that works for you to recharge, to create memories and to get organized.

Full Moon – Capricorn & Cancer

Details: December 26 @ 7:33 pm ET Sun in Capricorn & Moon in Cancer at 4°

Your work-life balance gets a workout with your mind trying to determine what’s truly important to you. This isn’t the time for you to make assessments by yourself. Reach out to someone you trust when setting priorities and making decisions. It’s confusing right now and given the holidays, perhaps you can push off these big decisions until the new year.

Get flirty and fun for the New Year. The stars boost your desire to party at year’s end.


The oracle cards bring insight into what’s coming for the month. They give your mind something to focus on and remember as you go through the days and weeks. You can ponder the card or go into the guidance in the book when you need more than mental reminders.

The power of animal and crystal energy are easy to employ to help you create the success and satisfaction you desire. Spirit animals are always willing to assist. Simply call on the animal to bring it into focus and ponder its meaning.

For crystals, grab the crystal and put it on your desk, purse or kitchen table. You want to align with your success and this month’s stone helps you do that. 

For flower essences, put 3 drops into water 3 times a day and feel the gentle support for your body and emotions.

Intuition Oracle card: #37 Purpose

December, while a month of fun, celebration and love, is also a month to take stock and figure out how you want to recalibrate your decisions, priorities and habits to build the future you desire.

Step into your own path by taking a turn off the beaten path others have created. Your path is your own, and only yours. There is the requirement to carve out your original trail.

Be purposeful about your life’s path. Are you terrified, excited, both? When you’re on your rightful soul path, you’re both. Seek out someone who does this for a living and ask them about your true life purpose. It should be unique and make you excited and terrified at the same time.

Intuition cards online

Crystal: Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a stone of selfless love and compassion. It helps you feel loved and supported while still being appreciated. You can use this crystal when you want to learn how you’re in denial as it shows you the aspects of you that make you uncomfortable. You’re also able to release emotions and confront issues. As you do, rhodochrosite soothes emotional stress. 

This is one of my favorite stones of all time. She is deliciously supportive without being cloying.

Animal: Rabbit

Rabbit is brave. You are

– agile and adept at strategizing and planning. 

– optimistic, wise and artistic. 

– intelligent and have a lot of common sense.

Call on rabbit when you want to boost your creative energy, you want to have a baby or you need to act quickly to take advantage of a new opportunity. 

Flower essence: Beech

Beech is a beautiful, majestic and anciently wise tree and you can have a portion of this energy to help you feel love and tolerance for yourself and others. Think of the tree’s name without the spelling and you have the essence of this remedy.

When you feel critical of others, you’re most likely feeling insecure and judgmental. These actions tell your mind that you’re safe, although that’s patently untrue. The beech tree essence works with your third eye, so you see your life and rightful place in it with crystal clarity.

Weirdly as you push others away with your criticism, either said or unsaid, you create the exact opposite of what you truly desire. You care so much about what others think, you yearn longingly for acceptance and love. The more your longing grows, the more critical you become.

Beech flower essence is the perfect antidote to this cycle.

Bottom Line

Make a plan to incorporate business and pleasure. Your motto for December can be, “work hard and play hard.”

After work, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy yourself. Carve out time to get together with good friends, to reconnect with you and to strategize about the year ahead.

Get your business done and then play!

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends.

As always, wishing you joy,

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Astrology Forecasts Oracle

December 2022: Do You Know How to Use the Stars to Celebrate and Create Your Success?

Why the Stars?

The stars either work with you or against you and it all depends on whether you know what their up to or not. This monthly forecast sets up how to take advantage of powerful forces that let you know when to reach out, relax, resolve or replenish.

What’s Inside?

We have so much for you this month, read on for:

  1. Monthly Tips
  2. LIVE Events
  3. Support Tools
  4. Star Dance
  5. Moon Magic
  6. Shopping
  7. Intuitive Type Forecasts



have renewed energy and drive. 

also have passionate yearning for fulfillment. 

desire social fun as well as success. Why can’t you have it all? The stars will give you what you want, but ask something from you too.  Hard work and discipline is a better route than relying on an easier way.


  1. Celebrate your success
  2. Finish the year strong
  3. Have fun and enjoy!

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Support Tools

The oracle cards bring insight into what’s coming for the month. They give your mind something to focus on and remember as you go through the days and weeks. You can ponder the card or go into the guidance in the book when you need more than mental reminders.

The power of animal and crystal energy are easy to employ to help you create the success and satisfaction you desire. Spirit animals are always willing to assist. Simply call on the animal to bring it into focus and ponder its meaning.

For crystals, grab the crystal and put it on your desk, purse or kitchen table. You want to align with your success and this month’s stone helps you do that.

For flower essences, put 3 drops into water 3 times a day and feel the gentle support for your body and emotions.

Oracle Card: #47 – Optimize

Sharpen the arrow of your desires by completely aligning your desires with your resources. You’re on a treasure hunt, so take the time to solidify the areas that bring you ease, joy and abundance. Cut out or tone down those areas that create struggle, frustration or overwhelm.  You are the treasure hunt, so what works for you – works for your success.

Crystal: Bronzite

A combination of grace and courage, this stone instills fortitude to deal with negativity, confusion and indecisiveness. Use bronzite for clarity, certainty and discernment, especially for making choices about your true-life purpose. Additionally, this is an excellent stone for emotional and physical harmony.Flower Essence: Chicory

Chicory seems to be overly done for most people as the description speaks to smothering others and being excessively needy. However, the core of the chicory flower essence is satisfaction, fulfillment and offering without expectation. This flower essence is essential for effective manifestation activities. Giving freely from a well that’s full is the maximum peak of successful manifesting abilities. When giving from an empty position, the energy stretches and repels healthy reciprocity. Reach for chicory when you’re feeling empty, unloved or lacking the nurturance you desire.

Spirit Animal: Scarab Beetle

The scarab beetle signals that you’ve come to a crossroads with a choice for growth and enlightenment. There are conditions:

  1. Be true to yourself as you go this layer of transformation.
  2. Rely on your inner strength to stay focused on your intentions for the new year.
  3. Be diligent toward your goals and fortune is yours.
  4. Seek community for connection, not persuasion.



Big Star Events: (in chronological order)

  • December 1st – Venus out of bounds
  • December 20th – Jupiter in Aries
  • December 21st – Solstice w. Sun in Capricorn
  • December 23rd – Chiron direct
  • December 29th – Mercury retrograde

Week 1: November 28th – December 4th

Access the honest, earnest and respectful energy available this week. People are being authentic and direct when revealing their true thoughts and feelings. Change is in the air, so you may be pushed out of your comfort zone. As always, you can decide how you want to respond.

Avoid hurt feelings, needy expectations and confusing conversations. It’s difficult to figure out where others are coming from and more interaction adds to underlying insecurities. Unstable relationships are shaken and people succumb to arm-twisting to gain control.  Erratic behaviors make it hard to understand what’s happening.

Tips: Put your head down and focus on your priorities. If you must interact with others, be as honest and as kind as you can be when having important conversations.

Week 2: December 5th – 11th

Access the drive, determination and confidence to be successful. Connections and collaborations can be fun. High-level strategy and big plans align with the flow of the stars. Excellent leadership techniques are noticeable and sound investments are available this week.

Avoid indulgent, complacent or lazy tendencies at the beginning and the end of the week. Glossing over details and making mistakes is easy. In the middle of the week, aggression, aggravation and anger take root making you want to compete and knock others to the side.

Tips: ‘It should be easier’ is your vibe, yet taking things seriously and expending effort are the keys to achieve the success you desire. Now’s the time to set yourself up for 2023.

Week 3: December 12th – 18th

Access commitment, practicality and goal-oriented energies. There are interesting and satisfying connections coming into your space. The mosaic of life shifts and turns, changing your point of view. This is a great time to learn new things.

Avoid vicissitude and low energy deceiving you into sitting back and letting time slip by, marking time until the holidays. Stopping the natural flow of reciprocity in relationships.  Imbalances are possible now.

Tips: Take stock of what you want and ask others for support. Seek connections that are helpful to getting you the results you desire. Use this week to solidify your foundation.

Week 4: December 19th – 25th

Access positive energies for love and money. Sparks of confidence, positive thoughts and soaring feelings propel achievement and success.  Financial well-being, desired impacts and good fortune are at the fore.

Avoid taking unnecessary risks, blind leaps of faith and greedy actions. Power plays and selfish pursuits present themselves. Ignoring the healing and supportive energy available this week.

Tips: Make time for working toward your goals – creative and practical. This is a time for dreams and actions. Even though it’s the holiday season, you can make progress. Actions this week pay off for the entire year.

Week 5: December 26th – January 1st 

Access love, romance and sexy vibes. Sensuality, compassion and sweet tender embraces are the norm. Desires and passions run deep. Style, image and flair get a blast of the new. Socializing and entertaining still feels good, even though the holidays are coming to an end.

Avoid overthinking and over analyzing. Stopping the flow of dreamy connections. Doubting how things will come together for you.

Tips: Write love letters and have intense conversations about what you want out of love. Journal to reflect on your dreams of romance. Take time to revisit and review what you love about your love life.

As a reminder, here are Do’s & Don’ts for Mercury Retrograde (12/29/22 – 1/18/23):


The Moon phases help manifest things you want, celebrate things you have and get rid of things you no longer want. Here are the phases and what you should do:

  1. The New Moon is for setting your strategy.
  2. From the New to Full Moon, it’s the time to manifest, appreciate and create.
  3. The Full Moon is for taking stock in gratitude and refinement.
  4. From the Full to New Moon, it’s the time to celebrate, release and merge.

Full Moon: Celebrate with Others

Details: Sun in Sagittarius & Moon in Gemini December 7th @ 11:08 pm ET

Balancing your point of view with others is easy right now. Your mind and heart opens to connection and understanding. Dream and celebrate your work and love life. Create a new style or image for the holidays.

New Moon: Success is Here

Details: Sun & Moon in Capricorn December 23rd @ 5:17 am ET

It’s the new you. Success, good fortune, prospects abound. Connect to your values, intentions and opportunities. Make time for you and also for your work. Putting your pillars in place for the new year support you throughout 2023.


Oracle Cards: https://amzn.to/3XG0r4u

Empowerment Membership: https://kimwoods.mykajabi.com/membership

Chicory flower essence: https://amzn.to/3OMEBZd

Bronzite crystal: https://amzn.to/3F6PH75


Wise Strategist – Make a list of things that are working really well for you and then make one for those things that are gnawing at you. Plan ways to get rid of the gnawing list and to amplify the working one. After you have your list, take a step back and look at it from a higher perspective. Create detailed objectives and develop routines to make strides toward your goals this month. Wrap up 2022 on a high note.

Intuitive Visionary – Avoid taking big risks and getting swept up with the forces for success and achievement. Pause and take a few moments when opportunities present themselves. Review new ideas with your current goals. Then, add more definition to your evergreen solutions and simplify your latest ideas. Simplify them once, twice and three times.  2023 requires straightforward solutions.

Collaborative Explorer – Being swept up with your social obligations and holiday affairs keeps you from focusing on your future. Take the time to conduct an interview with yourself to answer how you value yourself, seek opportunities and desire to be loved.  Carve out work space and firm up your themes, intentions and pillars for the next year.

Ruling Warrior – You’re being tasked with leadership, leadership, leadership. Distracting connections throw themselves in front of you, seemingly every day. Cull through the ones that don’t fit with your new goals. Once you’ve taken the time to stop and set your strategy, everything falls into place. Get more detailed than usual to help you navigate through 2023.

Creative Superstar – You adore the energy this month. Love and romance compete with work, but you can float from one thing to the other seamlessly. Your swirling fun and social plans lift you up, inspiring you to buckle down as necessary. Cut through stale ideas and regretful tendencies by doing one thing that’s been hanging over your head for the last few weeks.

Loving Alchemist – The holiday season fills you up by connecting with family and loved ones. You may want to bask in the intimate moments provided by the entertaining and social whirlwind. Do so and also make time to fuel your dreams in the world. You have the ability to add power to your dreams, but only when you roll up your sleeves and commit fully to them. This is the time. If you miss out this month, it gets progressively more difficult to get back on track.


December ends a difficult year and sets you up for success in 2023 when you take advantage of the positive energies and stay aligned with your true-life purpose. Remembering the themes and intentions from the top of the year serves you tremendously. Hint: Value, Alignment and Momentum. These give way to Power, Success and Love in 2023.


Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.


As always, wishing you joy,


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