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Harvesting the Moonlight: Strategic Ways to Channel Full Moon Energies for Business Growth

The Sun and the Moon provide massive power for success when you know how to use the Full Moon Energies to grow your business.

In this segment, I’m covering the Full Moon energies.

Full Moon Quick Tips for Business

The Full Moon signals completion, culmination and celebration. In order to use the Full Moon’s energy for your business, use its energy to:

  • Fine tune your strategy – The Full Moon is a great time to take stock and determine your next best steps. Take note of any course correction and streamlining you want to pursue.
  • Complete projects – The culmination energy helps you complete those things you haven’t quite yet been able to finish. Use this energy to brings things across the finish line.
  • Celebrate your successes and accomplishments – The Full Moon is a time to take stock and gather your energy for achievement. Boost morale to set the tone for positivity for the next lunar cycle.
  • Charge your tools – The Full Moon is a wonderful energy to charge your magical tools and these can include your natural gifts and talents. Hone in on your skills and offer these to the Full Moon too.
  • Network and community build – It’s a great time for outreach as everyone wants to get together due to heighten emotion and connection. Make time to get together or at least talk to those on your list who you’ve been trying to get ahold of for the last few days or weeks.

Let’s delve deeper.

Cycle of the Full Moon

The Full Moon is the culmination of your intentions every month. On the Full Moon, you have the largest range of energy available to you than you do any other time during the month.

You set your intentions on the New Moon and build the creation of these intentions for 14 days until the Full Moon.

On the Full Moon, you assess your position based on your intended desires and then determine what you’d like to get rid of to create space to allow these new intended desires into your life.

Think about this.

Before you go shopping, you want to make sure you have space in your closet for your new purchases. If you don’t cull your closet, you’ll bring your new lovely things home and have to stuff them in without any space – perhaps you lose track or forget about them.

Without space, you’re signaling to the Universe, new purchases don’t mean anything to you. If this happens repeatedly, the universe pulls back its energy on your desire to manifest.

Pretend you’re the closet.

If you don’t have any space, you won’t be able to manifest more.

So, on the Full Moon take a few moments to take stock, celebrate what you’ve created and determine what you want to get rid of to make space for the new.

The next 2 weeks until the New Moon is about releasing and healing to make space.

Full Moon Ceremony

Take these 5 steps during the Full Moon to celebrate YOU.

  1. Note the astrological signs of the Sun and the Moon.

When you know the astrological or zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon, you understand the meaning of their energies. Every Full Moon has the Sun at 180° opposition to the Moon and their signs create momentum for you to gain awareness and to remove any blocks you have in these areas.

2. Pause and reflect how these Sun and Moon signs can help you clear the pathway to your success by asking these 3 questions:

  • What can I do to use the Sun’s energy and meaning to stop hiding?
  • How does the Moon’s power support me in feeling safe enough to achieve my success?
  • Who and what am I grateful for in my life?

3. Journal to take note of what comes to you when you ask these questions. Let yourself bask in the energies of the Sun and Moon. See what comes to you. You may be pleasantly surprised about your insights.

4. Gather a few magical tools if you desire and do a meditation to celebrate. You can subscribe to my Your Star Path to Success Podcast as I do a lunar talk and ritual on every Full and New Moon just for you.

5. Take action to gain support and remove blocks for the next few weeks.

Intuitive Success Signatures for Sun & Moon Power

If you don’t know your Intuitive Success Signature, click here to take the 12-question quiz over 21,00 others have taken to find out how you’re living your stars.  

Wise Strategist – Follow the tempo of the 4-week dance and let the differences in the energies pull you closer toward your goals. At the New Moon, set new goals; during the next 2 weeks, give them fuel to be realized.  Then

celebrate what you’ve completed. At every phase, take action as well as energetically powering your intentions to manifest and release.

Intuitive Visionary – You adore both the Sun and the Moon and the Full Moon is your favorite as you appreciate the spaciousness of possibility in the extreme opposition. This space provides potential that you can celebrate and bask in at every Full Moon. Take the time to do so and power up your natural gifts and talents.

Collaborative Explorer – Let the dance of the Sun and the Moon empower you to become the central character of your life. Dance with the Moon’s phases during her cycle and glow in the light of the Sun. The meaning of the Sun fuels you and the essence of the Moon gives you permission to be you.  

Ruling Warrior – You’re a natural Sun lover, so lean into the power of the Sun at every phase of the Moon cycle. During the Full Moon, pay attention to the Sun. During the New Moon, connect to the Sun when setting your intentions.  

Creative Superstar – You love the rhythm and flexibility of the Sun-Moon dance. Let this tempo become your own when creating, inviting and selling your offerings. Take note of which parts of the cycle nudge you toward creating, inviting or selling. After a few months, you’ll have a great schedule to follow.

Loving Alchemist – You’re made for the Moon and her mysterious energies. You‘re a natural alchemist as indicated by your name. You can harness the Moon’s power at every phase of her cycle. Lean into her energies during the Full Moon and revel in the blending of the Sun and Moon energies during the New Moon.

If you’d like to use the power of the Full and New Moon more fully, click here to purchase my Bella Luna course for $12. I tap into the meanings of every sign, delve into your Moon’s birth sign and provide 2 rituals.

Cheers to cosmic growth,

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