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How the July 31st BIG STAR EVENT Specifically Impacts You

The stars conspire to propel you into your future whether you’re ready or not. The lightning bolt planet, Uranus, blends with the world’s soul destiny on July 31st at 3:04 pm ET. Mars gets added to the mix for a turbo boost as if your Uranian potential needs any more impact.

These planets combine in Taurus, the sign of money, love and beauty asking you to define what abundance looks like in your daily life. How does money come into play? What kind of love supports you? Why is beauty important? Diving deeply into these questions creates opportunities and prioritizes your resources. 

Uranus in Taurus plays for keeps. Technical and scientific innovations to better the earth and all of her inhabitants comes at any cost. Uranus doesn’t seek to relieve, but to awaken. Abruptly, if necessary.

July 31st, 2022 marks an opening for a better future. Look for your Sun and Ascendant in the following signs to get prepared for one of the most powerful awakenings in history.


What it means:  Awakening is natural for you, so you love this energy. Bring on the bold new ways. Break free. You have good luck in physical activities, adventures and stepping into your leadership role. Success is upon you.

What to do: Define what success means to you. Breathe in patience when you get frustrated. Use your energy to move forward, not destabilize the life you’re building. It’s easy to stray by throwing yourself into too many things. Choose wisely.


What it means:  It’s shock and awe time. Anything you’ve been holding onto too tightly falls away.  Now is the time to liberate yourself from the status quo. Your future is different. Period. Accept it with grace and ease.

What to do: Lighten up – figuratively and literally. Get physical. Be healthy. Seek healing. Go organic. Money and love improve when you open simple and clear pathways. Seeking comfort isn’t the answer. Get uncomfortable and know you’re on the right path.


What it means:  You thrive on change and suddenly, it’s here. Use your brilliance to find ways to bring about the future you desire. Dive into opportunities as they’re presented. It’s time for you to share your wisdom. Speak, teach, present.

What to do: Say YES to opportunities based on your heart, not your mind. Drop into your intuition. The more you use your intuition, the deeper your connection. Weave your mind with your intuition to realize your true brilliance.


What it means:  It’s time for love in all of the ways – self, family, partner and soul mate. All of the love you’ve been seeking comes to be. Discover healthy ways to connect and belong. Your value is appreciated, acknowledged and accepted. Open your heart and know you’re wealthier than you ever thought possible.

What to do: Take steps for self-care and self-love. Be a tiny bit selfish. Journal about the love you have in your life and make a list of other ways you want love to show up. Stay open.


What it means:  Heart-based leadership is the wave of the future for everyone, especially Leos. Generosity gives you the accolades you crave. Authenticity is non-negotiable. Be bold in opening your heart to others by expressing your truth. Seek adoration without apology. Be willing to give as much as you receive.

What to do: Practice connecting to others through your heart, not your head. Be aware of your impact on others when you speak from your heart. Your true nature is beautiful when its expressed authentically. Make this a daily exercise.


What it means:  Living to your full potential is possible as you embody your skills and talents. This isn’t the time for humility, it’s time for knowing your true value. Be you – fully and openly. You have the expertise the world needs. Admit it to yourself and others.

What to do: Make a list of your strengths. Leverage them to explore new ways to value yourself. Make a new CV or resume. Review your accomplishments. Perhaps it’s time to ask for a raise or promotion. 


What it means:  Commit to putting yourself first in relationship. You matter and it’s about time you negotiate your needs as you typically do for others. Your long-term relationships adjust to make room for interdependence. Codependence falls away as does too much self-reliance.

What to do: Review what you desire from your committed relationships. Make a plan to capture your relationship desires. Ensure they fulfill you. Compromise is healthy when its freely given and received.


What it means:  You can no longer avoid intimacy in any area of your life – love, passion, shared resources, the mysteries. You’ve transformed in so many ways, now is the time to reap the benefits. Let simple pleasures and calm replace dramas and waves of heavy emotion.

What to do: Make wealth your mantra. Be grateful for the wealth you’ve created in your life. Forgive and let go of holding too tightly. Practice being deeply and intimately open and available to yourself and others.


What it means:  You have a renewed exuberance for life as you find meaning through refined philosophies and strategies. Travel, different studies and new experiences abound. Opportunities you’ve been seeking come to fruition when they align with your unique gifts. Any knock-offs dissipate. It’s time to open yourself to your fullest life.

What to do: Seek to learn new things about yourself and the world. Stay on your own path. Have fun without falling prey to distractions that lead you too far off course. 


What it means:  Success is here. You’ve been working for so long and finally, you’ve reached the summit. All of your efforts pay off, giving you the authority, power and leadership status you desire as long as you’ve been true to your natural integrity. 

What to do: Plot your path and march forward without interruption. Keep to your schedule. Show up in leadership every day. Ask for support and rely on it. Now is not the time to go it alone.


What it means: Instead of being frustrated with limits, use them to deepen your ideas, weaving disparate information into more thorough solutions. You have the opportunity to use your genius for practical means. This is your time to shine. 

What to do: Review and refine your ideas. Find practical methods and uses. Bounce your discoveries off of others to create innovative solutions.   


What it means:  Get creative. Use your imagination and artistry to create beauty, then put them in the marketplace for others to enjoy. It’s natural to receive abundance for your gifts. Let yourself be valued.

What to do: Get your creations ready for sale. Put a value on them and commit to receiving what you’re worth. It’s time.

July 31st, 2022 presents you with an opportunity of a lifetime. You don’t want to waste it. What are you willing to do to get the life of your dreams? Your future is here now – make the most of it.

Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Oracle

August 2022: Top 7 Tips to Make August the Best It Can Be for You and Your Family


I wish I could say August is a free and easy month.

I can’t. I would be lying.

BUT, I can say knowing how to ride the wave is key to making the month work for you. There’s goodness here, you just have to know how to get it.

AND, we’ve got so much in store for you inside this forecast:

  1. TOP Tips
  2. LIVE Events
  3. Workshops
  4. Support Tools
  5. Star Knowing
  6. Resources
  7. Intuitive Type Forecasts

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Let’s look first at some tips from the oracle cards, crystals, flower essences and animal spirits and then, of course, let’s look at the stars. ✨

Oracle card: #34 – Merge

Merge, instead of release. August isn’t about releasing and letting go unless that’s your vibe. If it is, go for it. However, if letting go is hard for you, merging is your best bet.  This way, you have an active way to deal with your issue(s).

TOP Tip #1: How do you merge?  


We’re going to go through this in our Power Up group on August 3 at 1:00 pm ET. Don’t miss it –bring a paper and pen and the biggest thing that irks you right now…let’s change it from an issue to an asset. 😘

Crystal: Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura quartz stimulates channeling and spiritual communication. This stone allows freedom, activates the chakras and releases negativity. This crystal can enhance other stone’s healing powers.

This crystal is a multitasker, amplifier and powerful healer as it meets the energy at the appropriate level in every situation.

TOP Tip #2: Let Aqua Aura call your intentions to you.

Grab some of this delicious crystal and charge it up with your favorite intention and then let it be the beacon for you for the rest of the month. You can get it here super-fast or if you’re not in a rush, get it here.

Flower essence: Holly

This flower essence helps you let go of over-control, judgment and jealousy. Holly lessens assertiveness and anger.  It also helps you follow your own path, increases goodwill and opens your heart to have a generous spirit. 

TOP Tip #3: Lighten up!

If you’re feeling angry or judgmental, grab some Holly here. Put 3 drops in water a few times a day and watch yourself melt in the best possible way.

Animal: White Raven

White raven is pure magic and helps you stay connected to the spiritual realm. With raven, you’re confident, knowledgeable and strong. Call on raven when you want to recapture the magic of life or want to reclaim innocence and joy.


 Big Star Events:

  • Uranus retrograde 8/24/22 – 1/22/23 to join Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto (more information below)
  • Mars is center stage this month (think lots of energy or aggravation – you decide)

Week 1: Stay Steady

Dates: August 1 – 7

The stars are just plain bonkers this week. Seriously, first it’s this and then it’s that. They’ve got you feeling all sexy and groovy, waiting for a windfall and then bam, they’ve got you questioning everything, not knowing what’s going on. I usually don’t say, “Kick the can down the road, but kick the can down the road.”

TOP TIP #4: Do 2 fun things this week.

Yup – just fun and not just one fun thing, but two.

Week 2: Balanced and focused

Dates: August 8 – 14

Energies ramp up. It’s like the slow simmer suddenly becomes a boil and you can’t stand the heat. But, you actually can. You’re used to it by now. Don’t let others get under your skin. Ignore them. This isn’t the week to smooth things or work it out with others. Everyone is testy and argumentative. They’re looking for a fight. Don’t give it to them. Instead…

TOP TIP #5:  Use the energy to make something happen for YOU.

You can leverage all of the force in the ‘air’ to succeed at something that’s really important to you. Get it done.

Full Moon: A New Way

Details: Sun in Leo & Moon in Aquarius @ 19° on August 11th @ 9:36 pm ET

This Full Moon is a story of 2 triangles. The first triangle brings energy, fortitude and forbearance – in other words, you can get through anything. The second triangle beckons the entry into the way of living and leading.  Combine the energies of both to create your life the way you want it.


We’re going to do a massive “Get ALL the Things” in our Empowerment Membership on August 12th at 10:30 am ET.

Not a member? Become one by clicking here.

Week 3: Solving Problems

Dates: August 15 – 21

Now is the time to solve problems when you lean into your experience, instincts and inner knowing. Your mind is still running a tad amuck (and gets more so as the week progresses), BUT you can definitely put it to work. Use that overactive mind of yours to solve problems. This is the week to work things out, bring things to a close, wrap it up.

TOP TIP #6:  Fix your #1 issue – right now.


Grab a pen and paper and let’s get to work in our Power Up group on Tuesday, August 16th @ 12:30 pm ET.

Big Event: Uranus Retrograde 8/24/22 – 1/22/23

Uranus rules natural disasters, technology, inventions, electricity, scientific breakthroughs, dictators and rebellions. He gets even more unstable and unpredictable when he’s retrograde, so be watchful. Personally, you get to choose yourself – freely without any intervention from others. When you embrace your authenticity, you take steps to gain independence and freedom. This is a time to express your true desires and to explore new ways of doing things.


Join our LIVE on our FB biz page to talk all things NEW on August 24th at 11:00 am ET. (Psst…maybe we can get Emily to channel another amazing message for us…I’ll keep you posted.😉)

Week 4: Stay committed 

Dates: August 22 – 28

The week starts off great and then gets dicey at the end. You start off feeling fulfilled and satisfied as if you can get anyone to do anything for you and then reality gives you a boost to get things done mid-week, but brings doubt and uncertainty with it. All of a sudden those feelings of “I’ve got this” turn into “Wait, what? Um…maybe, I don’t know…”

The mid-week shout out is a big Happy Birthday Virgos! 🎉

TOP TIP #7:  Commit to your end game. 

Forget everything that’s going on around you right now. Seriously, push it aside. Stay focused on what you want to accomplish. That’s the only thing that matters – your end game. Where do you want to be at the end of the year? What do you want to have done? Make strides at the beginning of the week and take time off at the end, if you have to, in order to keep yourself in the game.

New Moon: Tests of character

Details: Sun & Moon in Virgo at 4° on August 27th @ 4:17 am ET

This New Moon should be titled, ‘The New Moon of the Push and Pull’ as it tests you to the max by pushing you to your limits while pulling back the curtain of everything you’ve done or haven’t done. It’s also the ‘What have you done for me lately?’ Moon. It harkens back to 2021 with the past-future star clangs coming together once again (and lasting until October BTW).

Ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. What do I REALLY care about – deeply and unfailingly?
  2. How can I shift my thoughts to support me?
  3. What’s actually real?


We’ve got you. We’ll be going through all of this in great detail with practical and ritual support on Friday, August 26th at 10:30 am ET. Not a member? Become one by clicking here.

Intuitive Types Forecasts:

Don’t know your type? Take the quiz at and then come back and check out how the month affects you.

Wise Strategist – You actually loathe the first 3 weeks of the month – it’s so fiery and undulating, you don’t know how to find your footing. You may be predisposed to say, “Forget this month, I’m going to take an extended vacation.” That may be your best bet if you can’t review your goals and set a path to follow by taking one step at a time. When you chunk things down into smaller segments and follow the energies detailed above, you can get a ton done this month – A TON. By the time the Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd, you feel at home once again. But, these first 3 weeks have a lot to offer you – they can get you out of your mind and into your heart and that’s going to be key in 2023.

Intuitive Visionary – You don’t mind the push/pull waviness of the month, it keeps things interesting for you. Go with it to get things done and to let things go as you see fit. Keep in mind that others really hate this energy and don’t know how to deal, so help them get through this month. Provide support in the ways that bring people closer into your world. Make sure you have your best interests at heart and aren’t just willy-nilly giving away free advice. Make a concerted effort to lead your prospects and follow through with your plans. By the end of the month, you’ll have a more robust client list.

Collaborative Explorer – It’s going to be so easy to forget yourself this month as everyone needs something from you right now. They’re flailing with the energetic push and pulls and you’re just the person who can help them figure everything out. Be this person for yourself and those who have make a commitment with you. Let everyone else either commit to working with your properly or finding others to help them. If you try to help everyone, you’ll lose sight of your own goals and end the month absolutely exhausted. This is the month you can hone your discernment skills – saying yes when it’s right for you and no when it’s not.

Ruling Warrior – Admit it – you love the fire in the stars and nothing puts you into high gear like a little confrontation (when you come out the winner). BUT, this month, the win is going to be short-lived. Stay focused on you – ignore everyone else, unless it’s a romantic partner and you’re grooving in the love vibe. Otherwise, do the other thing you love to do – succeed. Focus on your long-term goals and make headway on each and every one of them. If a goal involves others, just do your part for now. The time will come to get others involved, it’s just not now.

Creative Superstar – These fiery energies are good for your creative juices and Venus is front and center for most of the month, adding her style and flair to all of your designs. Yet, there’s enough doubt and uncertainty about where you fit into the world that has you spinning. Stake your claim at the beginning of the month by making a plan (yes, setting a schedule for each week) and sticking to it. Then, commit to following your schedule. Your schedule and only your schedule, will help you avoid getting swept up by the forces trying to knock you off center. If you do this, August is going to be a great month for you.

Loving Alchemist – Move into your power, deepen it and stay there. From this power place, allow yourself to go with the flow of energies and let others circle around you –without intention, control maneuvers or staking your claim in any way. This is intoxicating to you, so will not be easy. BUT let the magic of the prosperity season invite you to stake your claim on your abundance. In what ways are you already incredibly abundant and in what ways would you like to be more so? Make a list, create a plan and put all of your energies into making yourself more abundant. August is the month for you when you revolve around your own unique abundance.

Bottom Line:

August is a MONTH. Yet, it holds so much for you. Follow these guide posts and you’ll find yourself much better off at the end of the month than at the beginning. Otherwise, take a break, holiday or vacation.

This is going to be a bumpy month – fun and in the flow or filled with aggravation and angst. As always, it’s up to you.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,  




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