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 🌟Harnessing the Energy of Mercury Retrograde: 8 Powerful Business Tips 🌟

Hello Star Lovelies,

Welcome to a new dimension of business strategy!

“Oh no, my computer has crashed.”

“He hasn’t received any of my texts or emails.”

“We need to reschedule this meeting and it’s been rescheduled more than once already.”

“My train/plane/bus is delayed – again!”

Yes, this is the quintessential Mercury in retrograde period. When I tell people it’s happening, I hear gasps and groans.

BUT, we can actually use Mercury retrograde to our advantage in business. Because, yes, all of the stars, even Mercury, are conspiring for our success.  

The planets actually have so much to say to us if we only listen and Mercury is the most loquacious. He darts and dives around the Sun 3 times a year and each time, when it looks like he’s running backward, it’s known as the dreaded Mercury Retrograde.

Poor Mercury! He’s only trying to help and he wants us to know how we can use these periods to boost our businesses.

Business Tips

Here are 8 powerful business tips to not just survive, but thrive during Mercury retrograde:

  1. Revamping Strategy: Everything is up for (re) in this period – think review, refine, reassess, release. It’s a time to revisit or revamp, so let’s embrace this period as an opportunity to review business strategies and fine-tune goals to emerge stronger as Mercury shifts gears.
  2. Reigniting Customer Loyalty: Reengage with clients and reach out to former clients or partners who’ve fallen off the radar. Mercury retrograde encourages us to reimagine connections and rediscover opportunities.
  3. Making Small Decisions: This isn’t the time for major decisions as we’ll regret what we’ve been so firm about during the retrograde period. Mercury is a trickster as he wants us to slow down to ensure we’re building a strong foundation. He clouds judgment, so using this time for research, planning and groundwork is our best bet.
  4. Unleashing Creativity: In retrograde, Mercury is asking us how we can be more creative. He wants us to drop into our hearts and feel our passion. This doesn’t necessarily mean we need to pick up our paint brushes or musical instruments. It means we get to brainstorm fresh ideas, innovative new offerings and imagine solutions to longstanding challenges.
  5. Energizing Vision: We get to restore our vision with a fresh new perspective, find deeper meaning to our mission and/or realign with our higher purpose. This is exciting and reigniting if we reach for our patience and allow new ideas to unfold. It’s an unfurling, not a lightning bolt epiphany.
  6. Being Flexible: Change and change again is Mercury’s cosmic dance, reminding us that pivoting gracefully when unexpected challenges arise makes us shine. By going with the flow, we can define our intent without expectations. As we commit without trying to control the outcome, we actually increase our prosperity flow.
  7. Clearing Communication Pathways: Knowing misunderstandings are more prevalent, we can lead the way by taking the time to foster communications within our communities, replenish connections and fine-tune collaborations. Laying out step-by-step goals, guidelines or procedures is very Mercury retrograde.
  8. Getting Intuitive: Mercury wants us to see, know and hear without using our minds. Yup – this is his mission when he stations retrograde. Our challenge, should we choose to accept it, is to spend time in meditation, reflection and introspection. We can get to know ourselves better, more intimately, to become stronger in our convictions, deepen our passions and position our businesses properly within our niche or industry.

All this being said, Mercury retrograde isn’t kind to anything new or big. However, sometimes we have to sign a contract, negotiate or start something new during a retrograde period. My best advice is to double and triple check on both sides. We don’t want someone to think they’re getting something we haven’t offered or vice versa. Taking extra caution, dotting i’s and crossing t’s laboriously, is the way through these retrograde periods.

Also, if we have a launch or promotion that has to happen during a Mercury retrograde period, recognize it’s not going to be the rocket blast we may desire. It’ll be a slower, longer curve, so I always say, plan for a longer lead in and an extra-long tail. Doing an elegant outreach campaign is excellent positioning for the way of the future.

It’s collaboration, collaboration, collaboration that clears our pathways for expanding our influence and making big impact

Using Mercury retrograde periods to teach us patience for clarity in goals, communication and connection, puts us in the driver’s seat for the future.

Mercury may be a trickster, but he has our best interests at heart.

Mark Your Calendar!

We’re in the midst of another Mercury retrograde period until mid-September, but never fear, another one is only a few months away. 😬

Mercury Retrograde Dates

August 23 – September 15, 2023

December 13 to January 1, 2024

April 1 – 25, 2024

August 4 – 28, 2024

November 25 – December 15, 2024

For Geminis and Virgos, extend these periods a handful of days before and after each date range – no matter which year. In 2023, Capricorns and Taurians need to do this as well. In 2024, the fire signs are impacted the most, so those in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are going to join the Geminis and Virgos in the extension periods.

Bottom Line

As leaders, it’s our role to harness the energy around us and transform it into positive momentum. Mercury retrograde is our chance to realign, rejuvenate, and revitalize our businesses. Let’s rise above the common narrative and use these cosmic tides to our advantage!

Stay tuned for more insightful updates to use the stars + strategy to clear the pathway to your success. I’m here to empower you with the knowledge and inspiration needed to lead your business to new heights.

Cheers to cosmic growth,

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Strategy Leadership

Navigating the Stars to Success: How Astrology Influences Economic Trends and Business Leadership Strategies

Astrology + Economic Trends


The first chapter of the New World begins on December 21, 2020 when the 800-year star shines brightest in the sky. It also signals the last chapter of the previous way. 

The decade of 2020 – 2030 is the transition between the old and new worlds. Everyone on Earth has chosen to be here at this time to help usher in these new energies. It’s the responsibility of every single individual on Earth. 

In late 2019, when I reviewed the entire decade, I wrote this about the next few years: 

“2023 – Acceleration of intolerance, racism, fascism, climate crisis”

“2024 – Edgy tensions, everything rises to the surface; uncomfortable and unfamiliar”

“2025 – Fiery advent into living in the new world; chaos breeds change”

That seems bleak, however, it’s merely a quick glance at what the stars are churning up for transformation. When the energies aren’t stirred, they remain beneath the surface and therefore, untouchable. The decades leading up to 2020 existed in denial, submission and obfuscation. 

All of that changes in this decade. 

It may appear too difficult to deal with.  But again, you chose to be here at this time, doing these things, with these people. 

It’s your choice. 

After exploring the star timeline of this decade, the Plutonian movements of 2024 reveal a lot of edgy influence throughout the year.

Pluto is front and center of all trends (including when adding astrology and economic trends). Pluto’s star story focuses on ways for you to find the hidden treasures of love, power and success.  This is by going through denial, overcoming reluctance, as well as surmounting fear. Think of the phoenix as Pluto takes your hand and gives you the courage to remove the blocks and clear the pathways. 

On the world stage, Pluto moves the entire world from the institutional past to the individualized future. And this is done through the energy shift from Capricorn to Aquarius. Dragging everyone from the comfort of the familiar to the uncertainty of the unknown brings freedom, inclusion and innovation. Or conversely, it brings detachment, revolution and chaos. A combination of these is also likely.   

Pluto’s ultimate quest is wholeness. 

The quote of Pluto should be, “Come into the darkness to see the light.” 

Diving deeply into your dark places without fear and with great resolve is the signature of Pluto. Transformation through death and rebirth is the catalyst for change. Pluto, the God of Hell, knows the intense plunge required to come out the other side. Nonetheless, using this key to fearlessness and empowerment helps you reclaim the parts of you that you’ve lost along your soul journey. 

The quest of Aquarius is the ideal. 

The quote for Aquarius should be, “Live and let live.”

The air sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is a conundrum in his pursuit to include the whole world, yet detach from everyone. In his mission to set higher ideals, yet railing against conformity. In his journey to be original, while yearning for approval. 

With Pluto, everything is systemic. With Aquarius, everything is worldwide. No one is immune to the Pluto drag between Aquarius and Capricorn. Due to retrogrades, Pluto dances between Aquarius and Capricorn for about 18 months until traveling through Aquarius for 20 years.  

With Pluto in Aquarius, the world experiences an unending quest for discovery, invention and challenging the status quo. The world champions the truth of inclusion, freedom and service, while grass roots style movements celebrate social and environmental justice. Escaping the tyranny of authoritarianism and tradition is possible. 

Yet, change for the sake of change and constancy for the new and novel may bring unexpected consequences. Doubt, detachment and revolution accompany revelation and wonder. Liberation requires admitting, reconciling and freeing the oppressed. 

The key to negotiating both possible outcomes is to pursue the future without losing the heart of humanity and its need for connection. 

Applying this star navigation of astrology to business trends also involves the integration of economic levers and industry movements. The astrological indications are that the global impacts of autocratic leaders inhibit natural growth with their isolationist stature, ineffective true leadership and aggressive infiltration into other nations and their interests.

Economic Levers

The economic levers of monetary and fiscal policy of the super power first world nations, China, United States and the Middle Eastern Block, parlay into softening or amplifying the star navigation interpretation. 

The global economy is not going to expand as a whole as it has over the last 30 years. The instability over the next handful of years jerks the economic trends out of their natural trajectory. The monetary policy of an unnatural goal of 2.5% inflation flatten economic growth unnecessarily. The increase in interest rates so far, although too aggressive in timing, have positively impacted consumer confidence, savings tendencies and resupplying the money supply. 

The fiscal policies of the super power nations of China, United States and the Middle Eastern Block, are critical to exploring the health of the global economy. 

China isn’t going to fuel high growth in the next few years, so the economic impact on global trade is a lowering of overall world growth. China’s debt is too high and its leaders aren’t inclined to use government funds to boost GDP. 

The United States isn’t in a financial position to fuel any growth backed by government funding and even with the funds, the paralysis in congress negates its ability to act.  

The Middle Eastern Block relies on fossil fuels and as long as the world is dependent on them, its economy will continue to bust through expectations. However, there isn’t any government funding policy to help the nation’s economy. Only private entities benefit from growth. 

Overall, growth will be lower or stagnant in the next handful of years. 

Industry movements

Innovations in the science and technology fields continue to explode as well as significant growth is predicted in the New Age and climate sustainability industries for different reasons. New Age gets a boost due to Pluto entering Aquarius, making everyone interested in the esoteric. 

Climate sustainability is absolutely necessary with weather and climate events escalating for the foreseeable future. Investments in this area continue to increase.

Space engineering and engineering in general increase ahead of the overall business growth curve.

Leadership Tools

Effective leadership is imperative to get ahead in the business world during this decade. The ever-increasing reliance on remote work, decentralized business functions and third-party suppliers makes strategic decisions and operational work flows critical to business success.

Leadership, by definition, is commanding a group, organization or country and the five components of leadership are: 

  1.  Creating a vision
  2.  Encouraging the change
  3. Motivating the team
  4. Developing the system
  5. Celebrating your success

Great leaders have the ability to identify their strengths and hire and motivate others to shore-up their relative weaknesses. They also know how to connect to people’s heart and souls as well as their minds to foster sustainable growth. 

Given the star power for a new type of leadership, that combining the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine, creates space for women in leadership never before available.

Astrology has indicated that now is the time for feminine leadership. Let’s use astrology to stay ahead of the economic trends.  

Follow this space to be on the leading edge. 

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